Critter & Guitari Pocket Piano MIDI Now 17% Cooler

Pocket Piano GR

Chris at Critter & Guitari let us know about some updates to their Pocket Piano MIDI has been updated with new color options and a new firmware update that makes it at least 17% cooler.

New firmware for the Pocket Piano introduces a new mode, so there are now seven modes. By our highly scientific calculations (7/6*100=117) that makes it 17% cooler.

They also all have a new hold function.

in addition, C&G now offer the Pocket Piano MIDI in a Green anodized enclosure. See the C&G site for details. Continue reading

Roland Aira In-Depth Hype Check

The Roland Aira line has been one of the biggest introductions of the year. But months after the introduction, people are still debating how closely the Roland Aira TR-8 and Aira TB-3 match the original Roland TB-303, TR-808 and TR-909 – and trying to judge the new instruments on their own merits.  Continue reading

Synth Jam On ‘The Smallest Synthesizer In The World’

smallest-synthesizer-in-the-worldReader Alan Lauris has been jamming with the new Ploytec Pi Lambda Squared, aka ‘the smallest synthesizer in the world’.

The Pi Lambda Squared is a tiny MIDI-powered duophonic synth. According to the company, ‘no other synth on the market has more aliasing and quantization noise!”

Here’s what Lauris has to say about the track, Slip Out Of Mouth:

This song is completely made with the Ploytec Pi Lambda Squared (or PL2) synthesizer. It’s the smallest synthesizer in the world; it fits in my mouth! (and the word ‘slip’ in the title is ‘PI Lambda Squared’ backwards).

I used it with the Behringer BCR2000 controller. I made a preset for it, which can be downloaded from

The ‘smallest synthesizer in the world’ description is open to debate – but it’s super-small and is actually a pretty flexible synth.

Check it out and let us know what you think of the sound of noisy, aliased sound of the Ploytec Pi Lambda Squared: Continue reading

Nord Lead A1R Synthesizer Now Available


Clavia DMI AB has announced that the Nord Lead A1R, a desktop/rack-mountable version of the new Lead A1 analogue modeling synthesizer, is now shipping.

All of the features of the Lead A1 synth are carried over to the A1R, with the exception of the keyboard. The waveform engine generates 47 different waveforms from classic analog to digital harmonic and inharmonic waves. Filters include Low Pass, High Pass and Band Pass, along with the newly modeled Ladder M and Ladder TB filters.

The A1′s effects section offers vintage Chorus and Ensemble models. Delay, Reverb, Drive, Phaser and Flanger, with independent settings for each of the four slots. Nord’s Morph function, via Velocity or the Mod Wheel, is also included, allowing multiple parameters to be morphed in real time.

Other features include an independent arpeggiator for each of the four slots, Master Clock sync of the LFO, delay and Arpeggiator, MIDI over USB, and four independent outputs.

Several updates have been made to the Lead A1/A1R design since it was announced at NAMM: Continue reading