Glitch Raga, With Strippers

This video captures Mr. Dithers in his studio, during the recording of Sympathy for the Stripper.

According to Mr. Dithers:

The brief shot of the girls is Angie and Shani in my studio during the recording of “Sympathy for the Stripper.” Not much was accomplished that day because they got wasted on brandy and amaretto and decided to make crank calls to other strip joints.

You might think it would be cool to have two strippers in your band, but trust me, its way more trouble than it is worth. No, they don’t have sex with you because they feel the band is “family” and only view your project as a brief distraction from their genetic pre-disposition to create as much unbridled chaos on Earth as possible.

They only show up for a gig if they want to at that very moment. You beg the club owner not to give them free drinks. They are strippers, they have hollow legs. Every night ends the same way. The police are called to break up a brawl after some guy’s woman in the audiece gets jealous and calls one of the girls a “skank.” Angie once shattered some poor bitch’s cheek bone with an ashtray. Its not fun when all the money you make at a gig goes to Frankie the bail bondsman. I do not miss those days at all.

Says Mr Dithers, “The glitch is my bitch.”

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