Ueberschall Studio Works

ueberschall-studio-workUeberschall has released Studio Works, a 1.8 GB Elastik Soundbank for Windows and Mac.


Studio Works is a 1.8 GB package designed for Soul, Funk, Retro, RnB, Acid Jazz, House, and Downbeat sound productions. In addition to construction kits, a substantial selection of individual phrases are also provided.

Zero Virtual Instruments/Virtual Effects were used, leaving the material in it’s most transparent valve, tube, tape enhanced state, to further alter and treat at your discretion.

1.8 GB, 1496 Loops and Samples

Details below.

Check below for a list of analog processing and sweetening tools applied throughout this collection:

• Reußenzehn Suitcase Preamp
• Mu-Tron Phasor II
• Wem Watkins copicat
• Roland RE-201
• Roland RE-301
• Universal Audio 6176
• Universal Audio 1176 LN
• Avalon VT 747
• Drawmer 1969
• TL Audio 5051 Ivory 2
• Engl, Vox & Peavey Tube Amps
• Nagra mono & stereo Tape recorders
• Groove Tubes – Tube Preamp for Bass
• Groove Tubes – GT40
• Shure SM 57
• Sennheiser MD 421
• Neumann U 87
• Neumann KM-184
• Morley Wah-Wah
• Boss TWah TW-1
• Boss Super Phaser PH-2

Alive By Design
This library totals 1082 loops and 414 single sounds. All instruments in this release have been performed by thoroughly experienced drummers, keyboardists, guitarists, percussionists and others. Featuring bonus electronic grooves which were specially constructed to gel with the retro stylings of this compilation. In addition to the warmth provided by analog coloration in the recording process, fidelity and textural contrast are further complemented by the use of classic recognized, respected and/or unique musical instruments. Live-played Phrases and Single Shots were recorded from:

• Sonor S-class
• Sonor Delight
• Tama
• Congas
• Percussion

• Fender Jazz Bass (1965)
• Fender Precision Bass (1972)
• Yamaha TRB-6P
• Musicman Stingray

• Fender Stratocaster
• Gibson Les Paul
• Framus Steelguitar Waikiki

Electric Pianos / Synthesizers:
• Fender Rhodes Mark 1 (1973, 1977)
• Wurlitzer Piano 200a
• Hohner Clavinet D6
• Hammond B3
• Korg CX3
• Philips Philicorda
• Moog Voyager
• Moog The Rogue
• Korg MS10
• Korg MS20
• Solina String-Ensemble
• Korg Microkorg
• Korg Polysix
• Glockenspiel (Sonor)
• Vibraphon (Sonor)

Drum Synthesizers:
• Jomox xBase
• Syncussion DRM1
• Korg Minipops
• Boss Hand Clapper HC-2

All of Studio Works funky sounds are programmed for the Elastik Audio engine, so you’ll have fast access to pre-mapped and structurally organized presets for fast track usage. Mix or stack material within this release or with additional Elastik archives rapidly thanks to Elastik’s built-in DSP effects. Plus you can modify, remap, filter, pitch shift, tempo sync, change loop slices down to granular levels and save your own preset.


When you buy Ueberschall you know you’re getting a name that is established across the multimedia industry, backed by over 20 years history. We are proud to have our content used by all walks of artists, in films, commercials, music collections, songs, on stage, in clubs, on T.V. and many other creative mediums. Our goals are to provide bountiful, quality, inspiring, effective, up to date (where applicable), easy to use sound collections and tools for sound media projects.

Key Players
Drums by: Beni Reimann, Matthias Wagner, Alex Nehe
Bass: Michael Fetscher
Electric pianos: Tom Wauch, Michael Fetscher
Guitar: Michael Fetscher, Steve Turgoose, Tom Wauch
Percussion: Beni Reimann, Topo Gioia, Alex Resch, Rolf Nill, Michael Fetscher
Organ: Michael Fetscher, Markus Lang
Synthesizers: Michael Fetscher, Tom Wauch, Markus Lang
Electro beat programming: Michael Fetscher


• No Midi (natural, artistic live feel)
• Live recorded Instruments (real instrument sources, not from synthetic dsp)
• Best studio equipment (check the analog gear list!)
• Played by professional musicians (experience, skill and exposure embedded)
• Inspired by Nu Jazz and Acid Funk
• Brings natural touch to any song (great on its own or to beef up the live feel in a digital piece)
• Elasik Player for harmonious sync with every project

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