Amiga 1200 Techno Music

This is a promo video for John Tracker‘s Amiga 1200 album, Cyber Techno. All 18 tracks on the album were created on the Octomed tracker app on an Amiga 1200.

via bazartist:

Jon Tracker’s track made on the Amiga 1200 titled Cyber Techno and promotional video to assist. This track and the Amiga Album will be available on iTunes soon.

3 thoughts on “Amiga 1200 Techno Music

  1. Feel the 8-bit sampling love.

    I never used Octomed (I never owned an Amiga: hopped straight from my C-64 to a PC), but I cut my teeth on SoundTracker (then NoiseTracker, then FastTracker, then Buzz), so this is definitely nostalgic.

    …But I don't for a second regret switching to real synths. ; )

  2. Or, I'm just a dolt. It seems to be using all of my OpenID settings, so clearly it just remembers who I am.

    Which I find a little unintuitive, but… most dolts say such things.

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