The Six Wives Of Henry VIII DVD

In May of 2009, on the 500-year anniversary of Henry VIII’s ascension to the throne of England, Rick Wakeman was invited to play his classic prog album The Six Wives of Henry VIII at Hampton Court, King Henry’s favorite palace. has a fun review of the concert DVD, saying:

Prog-o-philiacs and Rick Wakeman fans will want to snap this release up—it’s a lifelong dream concert for some, I’m sure, and it looks and sounds excellent on Blu-ray—but I don’t see this release winning any new converts to the faith.

If you pine for the days of Yes, Genesis, and King Crimson, this is totally for you, but if you’re the sort who scoffs at a grown man wearing a cape on stage—actually, Wakeman changes capes at least three times during the set—you’ll most likely want to stay away.

WWF is pretty silly, too, but it still has believers, right?

Here’s a preview of the CD – Catherine Parr:


1. Henry’s Fanfare
2. Tudorture “1485”
3. Catherine of Aragon
4. Kathryn Howard
5. Jane’s Prelude
6. Jane Seymour
7. Defender of the Faith
8. Katherine Parr
9. Anne of Cleves
10. Anne Boleyn
11. Tudorock
12. Tudorture “1485” Reprise

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