NAMM Show Rumors & Predictions

2011 Winter NAMM Show - The NAMM Show

The 2011 NAMM Show kicks off January 13 – but that doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy some NAMM Show rumors!

The most reliable NAMM Show rumor so far is probably the M-Audio Venom synthesizer – a new virtual analog keyboard synth.

We’re also expecting to hear a lot more about the delayed, but anticipated, Elektron Octatrack and the Kemper Profiling Amplifier.

Other rumors we’ve heard:

  • Ableton Live 9 announcement – featuring 64-bit support, new effects, SoundCloud support and possibly a new synth;
  • Steinberg Cubase 6 will be introduced;
  • The Korg Kronos will require preparation in order to handle its amazingness;
  • Spectrasonics will update to its flagship virtual instruments;
  • Roland will release a new virtual analog with vintage 70’s styling;
  • Eventide Space Stompbox
  • A new DJ MIDI Controller from Reloop
  • The Waldorf Stromburg synthesizer might see the light of day
  • A new workstation that integrates with iPhone or iPod touch

Heard other NAMM Show rumors? Got predictions of your own?

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47 thoughts on “NAMM Show Rumors & Predictions

  1. Ableton might *announce* Live 9, but I doubt it will be released until much later this year (guessing fall).

    Kronos will be Korg's version of the V-Synth with time-stretching algos. (Someone else had this idea first, so I can't take credit for it.) It will list at $2000.

    Korg will also have some iPad and Mac apps.

    I'd love to see a Spectrasonics update (Omnisphere is currently my favorite synth, I also use Stylus a bit)… but I'm not sure how they can make their best synths better, other than adding a few new sounds. I doubt it will be anything major.

    Agree: Roland will release another synth. The sluts.

    Stromburg is a myth. Get over it. 🙂 Maybe they'll add some knobs to their Blofeld keyboard, but I doubt it. I predict some moderately-cool OS update that ups the voices, adds some FX, and improves the sampling engine.

    Yeah, I bet several vendors will have an iPhone/iPad interfaces.

    Elektron will be pimping their Oktomod.

    Dave Smith Instruments Mopho Keyboard, maybe?

  2. Oh yeah: the run-of-the-mill announcements will be new, cheap MIDI interfaces. Small keyboards, little knob-boxes, multi-touch X/Y controllers, LaunchPad-like controllers, and the like. All sub-$500, all cheap plastic. Some of them cool, regardless.

    1. I like that feeling.

      I thought that the Dave Smith drum machine was dead because the collaboration with Roger Linn wasn't going anywhere?

  3. im kinda sad that the big corps still havent decided to R&D some kind of budget level real analog synths/keyboards… korg and roland need to get back to the basics, especially considering the monstrous variety of available modern technology

  4. A new XBox Kinect synthesizer that watches you as you slouch on the the couch in front of the TV and converts every pick of the nose, squeeze of the pimple and scratch of the crotch into beautiful, award-winning ambient music that is immediately put on sale via Amazon. The key of the music and bassline will be determined by the pitch of the player breaking wind. The price of this package will come in marginally cheaper than a new Fairlight CMI, and it will be fully Kronos-interfaceable.

    10% of the profit from the sale of the music will be diverted automatically to Bill Gates's GlobalWMD research project, while the music itself will be perfect for luring whales into the vicinity of Japanese factory ships. England will retain the Ashes and refuse all Australian offers to play cricket in future, so there.

  5. Oh, and NAMM will reveal that it is now owned outright by Korg and actually means, "Not Another Marketing Myth."

  6. I tracked down Dr. Moog at the Kurzweil booth back in '97 or '98, and asked if he planned on making any more synths. He seemed genuinely surprised by the question. I told him that personally, I was surprised there was only one company with an analog synth at NAMM that year (Technosaurus). Of course I credit myself with the re-formation and success of his company, and am anxiously awaiting my royalty checks.

  7. Isn't the mopho keyboard out already? I'm pretty sure I played with one at my local store the other day, and it was synced up to a tetra for polyphony goodness.

  8. Only 6 days to prepare for amazation! I'm betting the kronos will actually be the first time machine in a synth, so instead of dialing in those retro presets, you can just open a portal to the time period you want to rip off and just sample those sounds for authenticity! Then go back in time and have relations with your mother creating your own paradox all with a super-wave based soundtrack. Bodacious!

  9. pretty sure you are probably on the money with the kronos by the way.

    want to see more about the oktomod. not sure i've really got my head around it yet.

  10. Think it's probably too early for another vintage synth from roland. They just released gaia last year. I still haven't seen one in store yet though, weirdly. They'll probably be showing off their newish v-drum module again though.

  11. Yamaha will FINALLY introduce their new VA synth, CS8000, which will look like a CS80 ….
    Seriously now, what in the world is stopping companies like Yamaha, Korg and Roland to make real analog synths? Even if they are like past models? It is much easier and cheaper now to make analog synths, they 'll sell like hotcakes and will not suffer from software piracy …
    Come on! I want new, stable and improved CS15, CS30, CS80, MonoPoly, Jupiter8, PS3300, OB-8, etc…

  12. @Sotiris – the Korg Monotron is analogue, and it seems to be selling very well. I hope that gives Korg some ideas.

  13. Nah, I think its not sad at all; more like realistic. They still have stuff to do. Some issues are still here and well.. I am a fanboy, I know, but I still think its a display of greatness (mind the previous comment please). Instead of going into the marketing hype they simply pass and focus on things which – at this time – really matter most. Their product and their fanbase.

    As much as I love my Live environment I also note it still has issues. Even the M4L embodyment isn't all that it should be. So yes; I'd rather see them skip this marketing stuff and focus their attention elsewhere!

    Live 9 might be cool, don't get me wrong, but please; get Live 8 up into categories where it can *squash* (figure of speech!) Reaktor in its M4L combo (Reaktor has no sequencer; Live + M4L has.. BUT: figure of speech, honest).

  14. we need an updated 303, sh101, sh5, ms-20, mono-poly, pulse, etc… If ANY of these companies remade ANY of the classics, they would SELL… people don't want VSTs; they want REAL, ANALOG instruments that have personality and mojo.

  15. those dumb vdrums ! what they need to release is a retro 808 w/ midi , GAIA was lame, give us a retro 303 or 101, or Jupiter, or Juno 60 KEEP IT ANALOG

  16. i heard Numark may be releasing a 4 deck/ all in one mixer/ midi controller to compete with the s4 kontrol; A & H xone dx, and the denon mc-6000

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