New Sample Library, Unintelligible Voices By Studio Wormbone

unintelligible voices sample libraryUnintelligible Voices is a new sample library, designed by Studio Wormbone, that features verbal communication that has been ‘obsessively warped, effected, and deconstructed to the extreme’.

Here’s the official description:

The information in what used to be the comprehensible verbiage of dialogue has been stripped away through the craft of tastefully intense signal processing. What’s left is the tonal character of what was said, but it is presented in entirely new and modernly fresh musical textures.

An alternate title for this collection could have been ‘Vox Inhumana’ because the vocal content herein has been pushed well past the point of being natural. It still has it’s organic phrasing and inflection, and is unmistakably derived from speech. However the words themselves might as well be a language from another planet!


The library is provided as WAV/AIFF in 24-Bit/44.1khz resolution, and is royalty-free. All files are compatible cross platform with either Mac or PC.

Unintelligible Voice is available now for US $18.20. You can preview the library below.

6 thoughts on “New Sample Library, Unintelligible Voices By Studio Wormbone

  1. With libraries like these I wonder what you still have to do to create any kind of (eletronic) music? Seems like you can really create the next big thing just using loops and samples you bought without further processing. Somehow I don't like the idea so much.

  2. Honestly, it would bug the hell out of me to hear samples like these in songs. Does anyone create anything even passingly musical anymore, or has random bit-crushed glitch take over music completely?

  3. Gee, I thought I was the only one who hated that stuff! Its like busy-work cut-&-paste for people who can't write a simple melody. I do like some of it, because there is some creativity to be found in every style, but sometimes, the popularity of funny noises steps over the need for something more personal. If its too easy to render, then it doesn't offer much to make it memorable. Someone can use this library and make it shine, but too many will just slap it over a canned beat and under some squelchy TB-303 slide kazoo. Yawn.

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