Epic Synth For iPad Review

Remember when Epic Synth, a new iPad synthesizer, was released and we ranted that an epic synth needs an epic demo?

A lot of readers agreed.

Since then, though, we’ve found out that, not only is developer Jean-Pierre Martineau listening and responding to Synthtopia readers – but reader Tim Webb, aka discchord, has responded by putting together this review & demo.

Webb is new to doing video synth reviews and says that he’s open to feedback:

Critiques are welcome, Synthtopia is 60% of the traffic for my two videos that have made the frontpage, so I am all ears when it comes to finding out what you want to see!

Top of our feedback list would be using manual focus and a little tighter editing.

But, we’d be more interested in what readers would like to see. If you’ve got feedback for Webb on what you’d like to see in his iPad music app reviews, leave a comment. Constructive criticism only, please.

And if you’ve tried Epic Synth – let us know if you think it’s as epic as promised!

14 thoughts on “Epic Synth For iPad Review

  1. I'll have to check if manual focus is even an option, but that is a good idea. I agree I need to improve my editting skills, I'll make that a priority. Fortunately I am sure there are lots of YouTube tutorials to show me how!

    Folks can leave feedback here if they don't want to email me. I'll subscribe to this and read all comments. Thanks!

  2. Great demo of the synth architecture and features! Entertaining too! A simple little synth that sounds good.

    Thanks! I'll be purchasing this synth for my iPad1 to make fun sounds on the go!

    My only (respectful) critique would be that might want to play more contrasting patches to show those with less experience what Epic Synth is capable of.

    Either way, it's always nice to see people taking time to share what they love with the world. Synthtopia is like the NY Times of synth news. 🙂

  3. That's a good suggestion, I'll definitely try to show off my contrast in patches in future reviews. I over-looked that as I personally get really bored with videos that spend too much time showing patches. I can see how doing a few though, would be of value to give people a more fuller idea of what is possible.

  4. Disc-chord, nice app! I think it's awesome, how you pay attention to customers. All too often this is not the case with developers, especially when there is a new baby in the home. Congrats for both (successful app development and baby development). My wife and I are expecting soon, so you are an inspiration, letting me see that I can still fit in some side projects… Now if only I could convince the wife to let me spend the extra $ to actually purchase your app…Anyway Keep It Up!!!

  5. I am not the developer, that would be J.P. Martineau. I am sorry if I gave you that impression while I was going on about my silliness. Though you've got it right, J.P. did in fact manage to bring this baby out while bringing out a different baby.

    I am all about side-projects; it all comes down to time management. I never let myself get sucked into time wasters, like any of those Pavlovian Facebook games. If I've got 20 minutes to kill while dinner is cooking, I'm tinkering on the iPad!

  6. Did you watch in (at least) 480p for hq audio, and on your monitors? It might not have a lot of modulators, but that warmth in the sound sets it apart.

  7. like a 303… or an sh101? Very similar in features…

    … and only boring if you think that complex=better. Also… IT SOUNDS GOOD!!!

  8. if you like the same vanilla pudding day in and day out. at this point different = better unless you can do the same but only better, and err…in that case better=better. same =what most of us already have.

  9. Thanks for doing it – but it didn't make me want to get the app as I couldn't really see all it does.. it just seemed to be demo'd doing one very similar boring sound.. which unfortunately I got very bored with and then just switched off and didn't watch to the end. Thanks for doing the review but please bear in mind people are looking to see what a product does in its entirety, in a review :0)

  10. I just bought it. Lovely warm sound. Not in the same league as others like Addictive, as far as versatility goes, but the sound is a joy to listen. Takes me back a few years.

    Excellent synth for learning the ropes. It’s certainly capable of many diferent sounds, as the presets shows and being relatively simple, it’s a great learning tool.

  11. lol. this is THE WORST review/demo i've ever seen! This can't even play, he doesn't know how to operate a synth and everything. Just a mess.

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