Live Vocal Processing With Ableton Live

Performer and Dubspot Instructor Dan Freeman offers his tips and tricks for processing live vocals with Ableton Live.

This video is aimed at folks who want to take advantage of Ableton Live’s effects and use them for live vocal performance. This is also for producers who what to know how to route vocals into Live and work with the vocoder effect.

via DubSpot

3 thoughts on “Live Vocal Processing With Ableton Live

  1. this video had alot going for it but also some generic and disorganized info.

    first the good.

    he did well with advising people about a live setting and buffer size, that is a wise tip for any beginner or anyone who hasnt really used audio recording in a DAW because latency can confuse the heck out of someone. he also explained the bands on the vocoder, which i appreciated because too often people thing it has to be so robotic and lo-tech sounding like a 8 band or something, but he talked about cutting through and making it more audible which you definitely want when singing with a band or it will sound like mush.

    now the bad

    straight off he just generically said you want compression right after the preamp, with no explanation! in some circumstances that could emphasize unwanted transients due to air puffs or hard “s”‘ sounds, that is going to sound like hell in a vocoder… i feel like that section should have been explained more. he also said and did some things that weren’t completely necessary.

    pretty useful video all in all. ­čÖé

  2. Actually quite useful, if he’s mistaken a little that’s ok I only retain about 10% of it anyway. His ableton skin is a pretty pastel pink, or is that a light peach? Either way it did its job and looked great doing it, what more can you ask for?

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