The Korg Maxitribe Analog Mini Synth – Too Good To Be True?

Korg Maxitribe

We’ve had an explosion of synths news today, with the introduction of the Novation MIniNova, the Roland Intagra-7 rumors and NI’s Maschine MKII.

The Korg Maxitribe, though, looks a little too good to be true. The image, via, shows an analog mini synth in the style of the recent MonoTribe. Unfortunately, this looks like it’s from Photoshop, rather than from Korg. See our post on Korg’s ‘major announcement’ for more speculation.

What do you think about the ‘Korg Maxitribe’? Should Korg actually build this thing?

41 thoughts on “The Korg Maxitribe Analog Mini Synth – Too Good To Be True?

  1. I also think that this is a fake. So far, Korg has used the “-tribe” term only for devices with sequencer capabilities.

    This looks more like a normal keyboard synth (and very much like the Arturia MiniBrute).

  2. It looks fake and I really hope it is. A Delay knob with no feedback or time controls? Not to mention no MIDI, CV, or USB.

  3. Its Maxi and Mini! What?! The vector joystick is a hilarious addition. If Korgs new announcement is anything like this… COUNT ME IN!

  4. Yep,photoshop,if you zoom in you see sparks that are not supposed to be there on a product photo.
    Especially in the zone left and right where preset is marked.
    And I think the side panels are from the minibrute.
    And no output on the back.
    And all the big turning knobs are placed in the same direction and he or she or they used the same picture for every big turning knob.
    Still 2012 is a fantastic year for hardware synths.

  5. i hope this is not real, they can fit way more on the esthetics of a microkorg and use the mini keys please
    way more portable and nice looking

  6. I think they are doing an analog synth line….they would be stupid to not be bringing something to market beyond the analog toys they have introduced….I am going to suspect a remake/update of the MS line..

  7. If they’re going to do an analog mini-synth, it would be stupid for it to be this lacking in features. I’d go with the Minibrute over this wackness any day.

  8. The announcement is that they discovered a warehouse in china from korg packed with 80.000 finished korg polisix synths that never made it to the dealers back in the past.
    And they’r going to sell them very cheap.

  9. Fake or not… why is so many synth manufacturers incorporating the word “mini” in their synths? … Minitaur, Minibrute…. mini this and that… when will they stop thinking every “secret” relation to the name “minimoog” is a magic “buy me!” word!? … or is it?… really?

    I know everyone want’s to be a minimoog… but hey? … it’s time to burry this “skeleton” and leave it in peace.

    1. Nice one, it is – unfortunately – a fake on the basis of the ELA values. nifty little tool there. not sure if it is fool-proof, but still.

  10. Bummer 🙁 definitely a photoshop mockup, you can tell by the knobs, they’re all the same looking dimentionally compared to the keyboard which looks like its stolen from the minibrute. I hope Korg do build something like this tho, but with usb midi and an internal sequencer with presets!!!

  11. why dont the new breed of analog synths use the 4”.. 4”+5, 8”.. 8”+5, 16”.. 16”+5 32”.. 32”+5 octave switching ? it makes things a lot more interesting ,..

  12. hmmm

    no midi,
    no cv,
    no gate,
    no usb,
    a delay with no control over anything,
    a joystick instead of a set of wheels,
    no mini keyboard

    whoever photoshopped this, hasnt even any idea of what you need in a synth in 2013, he is a fan without knowing what he likes hehe

  13. Thats for 100% sure a photoshop mockup. Im a FontFont-Designer. And since Korg used for the first minisynths like monotribe etc. and the first 3 volcas my FontFont Trademarker for typo on the displays. This image is a mix of my Trademarker and a similiar font called Serpentine.
    No stringend use of one typeface in this image.
    So its fake, cos why Korg should not use all typo in Trademarker when they used it already in the past?
    At least the later 3 volcas not use it anymore. So even those font is already obsolete.
    This image is basically just to create web traffic.
    Im a bit tired to see this still happen since its going far from what will happen in reality.

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