7 Upcoming iPad Music Apps To Watch For

waldorf ipad synthesizerPalm Sounds has published a ‘waiting list‘ of music apps for the iPad that have been announced, but haven’t been released yet.

Among the new apps are seven that look like they will bring some fairly deep capabilities to the platform:

  1. AudioBus – promises to let you route and mix audio between iOS applications
  2. Akai MPC Fly  – a virtual MPC workstation for the ipad
  3. Borderlands – a new take on granular synthesis
  4. Csound Touch – a multitouch version of the Csound computer music language
  5. Impakton – an acoustically controlled, physical modeling percussion synth
  6. PPG WaveGenerator – a new wavetable synth, created by Wolfgang Palm
  7. Waldorf NWave – another wavetable synthesizer, inspired by the early PPG synths

It seems like not only is the number of new music apps being announced for the iPad growing, but the caliber of apps is improving, too.

Are there any apps you’re looking out for?

31 thoughts on “7 Upcoming iPad Music Apps To Watch For

  1. I still want that V-Station App! I don’t know if it was a April fools or what, but I really want that.

    Iooking forward to almost all the above. We have reached the pro era in music apps for iOS IMO. As a first adopter to the iPad in 2010 I seen it come a long way in a short time for musicians.

  2. The only one of these that has my pulse elevated is the PPG Wave generator. I am sure the Waldorf app will be swell, but Wolfgang Palm is the man who started wavetable synthesis and deserves the support. He also indicated on FaceBook that there might be another app in the works. One based on his restructuring synthesis engine from Plex. That is a very exciting idea!

  3. So happy with Auria that I’m not really thinking about anything else but more plug-ins for it! AudioBus will make life much easier though. Or harder, if they don’t work the bugs out 😉

  4. ninja jamm as well might be worth checking out. it’s from ninja tune. might give glitchbreaks some competition although not entirely sure they are the same type of app. End of summer supposed release.

  5. I am still waiting for Borderlands to come. Haven’t hear squat about it since last time Synthopia wrote about it:( And of course, AudioBus. Mmmmmm will bee nice to use the different ipad synths as vsts:)

  6. Pleeeeease can a developer to there create something similar to ableton. Something I can load samples into and use during my live sets. Everything seems to be aimed towards people wanting soft synths. I have all of those and they are great can we now move on and make a decent sampler I can actually use with good solid midi support. That would get my blood flowing, no more laptops at gigs ;).

      1. Yes, Electrify is one of my top fav app to make beats on but the current release is not fit for live use or Song playback due to pops in the audio. You would need a older version to enjoy it and it still would be a little buggy/crashy while searching through your samples and loading songs already made, but very useable versus the current release.

        1. Electrify, I have had my eye on it and even sent a message to the developer. No midi, which makes it useless to me unfortunately but it is the only thing out there that comes even close to what I need :).

          Maybe it is hard to sync to midi but fingers crossed.

          Last time I looked the last update was months ago so maybe I am out of luck.

  7. My favourites upcoming ipad apps are:

    Audiobus – Might become very important to ios music evolution, it’s a great idea and looks like it will have a great UI design, also important.

    Akai MPC Fly app – I am very excited about this one. All the MPC series were key to hip-hop since the 80’s. I just hope i can connect my Akai MPD26 via midi and use the physical, pressure-sensitive velocity pad’s.
    Does anyone know if this will be possible?
    I just don’t want to buy the Akai MPC Fly hardware because i already have the Akai pad’s.

    Ninja Jamm – I am very curious about this app because i love Ninja Tune, and for what i saw and listen so far here: http://tumblr.ninjajamm.com/, i think it’s going to be a very good app.

    DrumJam – For me the one i am more enthusiastic about. Again It looks like it’s going to have a great sound and interface with innovations.
    It’s from Pete Lockett and Sonosaurus LLC whom already have one of my favourites in the app store: ThumbJam.
    I think it’s going to be lauched very soon, maybe next week.

  8. I’m already pretty happy with the apps I have, but I’m still holding off on the best method of integrating it into my studio. Alesis io Dock has mixed reviews but has the kind of ins and outs I want…. keystation 49 has the keyboard I’d like for just messing about without firing up any externals, but is USB only….. a few new releases on the horizon don’t seem to offer an all in one solution either. Has anyone any thoughts?

  9. more fuckin rubbish, might as well by pass buying one of those I pads and buy one decent hardware synth. It will last and get used and shouldn’t clash with other gear!!

    1. @white working class- there are a growing number of really great sounding synths on the ipad, and musicians incorporating them into their setups. Carrying around several powerful synths in a tiny package seems far from ‘fuckin rubbish’ to me. Really don’t understand your viewpoint

  10. I agree that some soft synths sound great and others a bit thin. Personally I have spent a lot of money of almost all the apps out on the iPad and yet nothing I have managed to find a practical use for.

    Animoog is good but the transference process on the iPad is just so poor that I would rather just use a VST in Ableton. I think developers need to stop following each other around and just churning out weekly wonders.

    I have a number of iPad DAWs that are hard to use and not really practical either.

    Even With my iDock I still can’t find something that is actually practical to use in my setup.

    If I want a soft synth then I will buy a VST, that why when I write a song all the files I need are there when I load it again.

    Time to think outside the box developers 🙂

    Oh sorry one more thing, the tactile feel of a button or dial is so much better than trying to use controllers on the iPad.

    I am beginning to see it as a good idea but in the long run iPad music is not really even going to be more than a sketchbook for ideas, not that that’s a bad thing, just sayin 🙂

    1. RE. transference, some apps have wi-fi transfer ability which makes things a lot more painless than itunes export. I use Nanostudio- copy from the synth app, paste into nanostudio- then you can use it’s companion program NanoSync to grab it straight off the ipad wirelessly. Not ideal but also not too bad

  11. I hear you Rich, I have tried all of those workflows and in the end it just easier to just use ableton :). For example why use a 303 emulator on the iPad when I can just use a VST connected to an external controller. Or Alchemy, why buy it on the iPad when I can use it on the computer? 🙂

    Sorry to sound all Mr Negitive but I have had the iPad a couple of years now and so far the only app I have really used was the Korg iElectribe. I guess it’s all down to taste and the tools that fit your style of music. 🙂

    1. fair play- I guess for me freeing myself from the desktop has been such a nice feeling I’m willing to deal with the niggles of ios music, I’ve got no argument that having everything in one package is simpler!

  12. Im looking forward to Audulus. It also runs as a standalone or plugin on a Mac so you can use the iPad as a scratchpad for building instruments and then transfer them right into your regular desktop setup.

  13. beep streets impakton is now called impaktor and has now been submitted-it is excellent

    drumjam is gonna be huge!

    audiobus? lets see if it gets approved before getting excited,if apple bless it then we will all be excited

    ninjajamm will be suoerb once they have added the “extras”

    mpcfly? lol, how much do u have to spend on in app purchases???

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