7 thoughts on “Ahmet and Dweezil Zappa Jam With John Tesh On Keytar

  1. Back when Conan was cool and not afraid to be different. I remember the Zappa boys being on Conan a bunch of times. But haven’t seen them on the Tonight show or TBS versions yet. WTF Conan?

    This and every time the Zappa boys went on Conan was totally hilarious. Especially Ahmet and his crazy antics,

  2. Wow….took me all those years after first seeing this episode to forget about it….thanks a pant load…..now it will take me years again to forget it.

    Hilarious though…..and supremely bizarre. But that was the golden age of Conan. Pity.

  3. That which does not kill us will gnaw at the crotch of our pants while we’re still in them, biding its time.

    I bought a John Tesh tape early on, to give him a listen. I could barely let the first side finish before I threw it out the car window and apologized to my Walkman. That guy set synthesizers back by a decade, easily. Talk about an air hand-job….

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