80s Synth Jam – TSF’s Everlasting Love!

Sunday Synth JamDanielle Morales, aka TheSynthFreq, channels the 80s in her retronica composition, Everlasting Love!.

Here’s what Morales has to say about her track:

This new composition is a project for a very special occasion, a song for a special friend of mine who is celebrating an 80s themed wedding. I used the Yamaha QX-3 sequencer (daisy chained the synths essentially a complete 16 track sequencer with 1-4 channel per synth).

The synths used: Roland D-50 synth strings, track 1 channel 1, Alpha Juno-1 res bass track 3 channel 3, JV-880 short strings, live, EMU-Emax Se track 2, channel 2 new sampled 80s drums.

The drums I created on the emax se were sampled digital drums from the JV and highly processed through the VCF (analogue processing) of the Emax se. The Emax Se is then played in real time into QX-3 track 2 and sequenced there.

All tracks were sequenced in real time record mode, no step sequencing used although the QX-3 and QX-1 are capable of step recording mode.

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