Birthday On Mars (Mid-Century Electronica Improvisation)

Sunday Synth Jam: ‘Mid-century electronica’ artist Atomic Shadow (Rod Mitchell) explores the retro alternate future with his Birthday On Mars.

Here’s what Mitchell has to say about the piece:

This semi-improvised piece is recorded live, in one take, and features the MU format synth and the EMW200/300 cross-patched. The new DotCom S/H module is playing the cello like sound from the DDVCO. The EMW is providing filter filter modulation and some counter melodies from the sequencer and S/H section.

I must also point out the new STG Soundlabs mixer and say that Eric’s claims about the sound are absolutely true. Everything I feed through it sounds better coming out than going in. Off camera there are some effects units that are being controlled by hand (and foot) to process the sine wave from the small Eico signal generator.

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