MFB-Tanzbär Analog Drum Machine & Synthesizer Now Available


MFB is now shipping the Tanzbär analog drum machine & synthesizer, which they say is ‘ideally suited for live performance’.

The Tanzbär drum-computer offers fourteen analogue percussion instruments, as well as a synthesizer for bass- and melodic voices. Its integrated step-sequencer allows flashlight-programming and storage of up to 144 patterns.

Here’s a video demo of the Tanzbär from Musikmesse:


  • analogue drum-computer with tight step-sequencer and 16 instruments
  • immediate control, integration of MIDI and CV/Gate
  • different step-lengths per instrument
  • programmable accent- and pitch-bend-functions
  • 144 patterns with A/B-variations, fill-function to chain various patterns
  • 3 CV- and 2 Gate channels
  • roll- and flam-recording
  • individual and global swing-quantization
  • recording of control-value per step
  • 12 individual outputs, stereo output
  • MIDI- and clock-sync, MIDI-dump
  • microshift-function via MIDI (future update)
  • metal chassis with wood side panels

The Tanzbär has an MSRP of 840 Euro.  See the MFB site for details.

8 thoughts on “MFB-Tanzbär Analog Drum Machine & Synthesizer Now Available

    1. Guess what, i’m getting a volca first, yes, but this baby looks classier than anything i’ve seen in the past 2 years, beats pretty much anything at sexiness.

    2. the volca are cheap just like the monotron and monotribe and ms20 mini
      they will not last more than a 3-5 years and will NEVER increase in value

      1. Breaking after 3-5 years you say? My day-1 Monotron and Monotribe (which still works perfectly) would like to disagree.

        Increasing in value? Well of course they are cheap consumer products, but as a comparison even the Minimoog has not increased that much in value over the last 40 years. Used Minimoog Model D can be easily found for $4000 or less, which barely covers the dollar inflation over 40 years.

  1. In the 80s the Emulator II was one sexy beast but sounded like horse shit. Come to think of it the intervening decades have been littered with machines that looked the business but couldn’t deliver sonically. Hopefully, Tanzbar has more going for it than a pretty face.

  2. I have had bad luck with MFB, maybe they have better build quality now that they cost more. Now I would rather spend more for something built to last or else use software.

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