Studio1111 Combines Classic 303 + 808 Sounds

Developer Alex Smith has released Studio1111 – a virtual studio that offers software takes on the classic Roland TB303 and TR808 sounds.

303 + 808 = 1111

Here’s what Smith has to say about Studio1111:

Studio1111 is an all-in-one workstation and composing environment offering a wide selection of tools and modes to effortlessly build awesome acid bass lines and drum patterns. This one goes up to 1111!


  • 303 BASS SYNTH:
    • De-tuneable to 3 voices
    • Waveform mix between Square/Saw
    • Resonant Acid Low Pass filter with envelope and decay
    • Sequence up to 16 patterns per song
  • DRUM MACHINE – up to 15 kits available including:
    • 808
    • 909
    • 8 BIT
    • 505
    • KASIO
    • DISCO
    • iHANG
    • 606
    • MPC2000
    • 707
    • HIPHOP
    • You Have full control over the mix of the drum kit
  • XY FX PAD – The effects pad enables you to ad FX to both drum and synth channels. Effects include:
    • Vowel formant filter
    • Low Pass filter
    • Hi Pass filter
    • Bitcrushing distortion
  • LOAD/SAVE – You also have the ability to load and save up to 8 songs n the fly
  • AUDIO EXPORT – Record your performances to WAV, downloadable via the iTunes sharing page
  • MIDI IN/OUT] – Trigger your drum kit and synth with an external keyboard or sequencer!
  • You can also you Studio1111 pattern sequencer to trigger external MIDI modules – both drums and synth sequencer have MIDI out.

Studio1111 is a free download from the App Store, with $1.99 in-app purchase for the ‘Pro’ upgrade. Unfortunately, Smith does not outline what features are added in the ‘Pro’ upgrade.

If you’ve tried Studio1111, let us know what you think of it!

67 thoughts on “Studio1111 Combines Classic 303 + 808 Sounds

      1. Well obviously you don’t, but let us know if you’re still happy when your less than 3 years old ipad gets demoted for no apparent reasons.

        1. I know it’s a bummer, but “no apparent reason”?

          Chalk it up to the exponential advancement of mobile processor SOCs in the last 5 years. They’ve made leaps and bounds while desktop processor power has largely plateaued, that’s why a laptop from 2010 is more usable than a cell phone from 2010.

          Besides, don’t you remember that everyone thought the iPad would fail before it was released? Look it up. What would a company do for v1 of an untested product in a virtually non-existent market, they built it as best as they could for the time and to meet their price point.

          1. The ipad 2 is older than the ipod touch 4. The ipod touch 4 has a faster processor and more memory than the ipad 2. But for some reasons unknown, IOS7 will be released for the ipad 2 but not for the ipod touch 4.

            So I reiterate, older Apple devices gets demoted for no apparent reasons, other than business decision to force users to buy a new device.

            1. iPod Touch (4th gen): released September 2010, 256 MB RAM, A4 processor
              iPad 2: released March 2011, 512 MB RAM, A5 processor

      1. ooohh huh haaa ha omg, shit that’s so funny. Difference being that Commodore don’t make computers anymore and Apple does. Apple has screwed over iPad 1 owners when the iPad is only a few years old. i refuse to buy a new one because I am not wasting my money on another apple product. Soooo in conclusion your ‘joke’ isn’t really in anyway relevant or funny.

        1. Except the Commodore 64 was released in 1982, and the ipad1 in 2010. I did not know the ipad1 was such a shitty computer that nothing new would work on it anymore, and deemed to be compared to a 31 years old computer… yeah, its a dumb comparison, but I see people here liked it.

    1. Unfortunately iPad 1 has half (256mb) the RAM of iPad 2 (512MB). it really is an extemely slow device compared to the upgrades. I found that more and more apps weren’t able to run on the iPad 1 anymore. i gave in a week ago and bought the cheapest ipad – the mini which has the same specs as the iPad 2 and i’ve found it much more reliable for music apps.

  1. Wow, some more of this in app purchase shit for basic features…I guess they didnt get the ‘MIDI is 30 years old now’ memo….I dont care how much it costs, its a bad precedent. Next you’ll have to pay to unlock the GUI…

    1. I did write my very first review, to answer your question, but to be honest there are other people far better qualified, lol – although if it would help I can post it.
      I will say that if you have Rebirth/Technobox/Bassline (by finger) then although this is pretty good, you shouldn’t worry; it sounds nice but the UX is a bit of a mixed bag and it’s feature-list is lite to say the least, although the IAP does give you a few more, it’s not up to Rebirth or Bassline.
      It is difficult to compare this directly with the other 303 type apps, as it is a little different to the others mentioned above, but if you’re happy with Rebirth, it’s not worth buying an iPad2 for.

  2. Dear ipad 1 owners,

    Computing develops at a rate significantly faster than any other domain. It’s been said that 1 year in computing developments is equivalent to 4 years development in pretty much everything else! This means your ipad1 is kinda like 12 years old! I can’t remember where when this was said – but if you think about it you will realise it is true!

    Is it useless? No! It will still run many things, especially midi control stuff which doesn’t require that much computing power. Your old hardware will continue to do this probably indefinitely – this is amazing!

    Have you used it every day for the last three years? If so, the cost is something like 10cents a day!

    Have you invested a lot of cash into apps?

    Do you like the platform for making music?

    Are you smart enough to monitor Apples hardware upgrade paths and buy at the optimum time?

    If the answer to these questions is yes, then I highly recommend looking out for the new ipad 5 and reinvesting.

    The difference you will see, feel and experience will transform your music making experience on this platform.

    You will still be able to continue to use your original ipad alongside your nice new shiny one – this will be a lot of fun – I promise! Think WIST, MIDI, etc…

    If the answer is no, then sure, give up on Apple and find something else… Just please stop whining and publicly making fools of yourselves. You’re not hard done by, you haven’t been ripped off, Apple are not general heartless bastards and the reality is, no one is interested in your disingenuous complaints!

    Finally, if you really think it is as shit as you say it is, sell it – you will STILL get about $200 for it and there are probably thousands of iOS musicians who DO see the amazing value in the hardware you resent so much! I know I do and even though I have an ipad 4, I will still be considering an upgrade this fall if there is significant increase in processor/memory because quite frankly, until you have experienced what it’s like to work on these newer versions, you don’t know what you’re missing and it is wonderful!

    The world moves on, are you coming along for the ride, or just going to sit there complaining?

    1. The thing is, as nice as that platform is for making music, Apple makes it very hard and pricy for its users to keep in the loop. You are forced to buy a new device every 2-3 years or else you will be stuck with a non-updatable device (which loses a lot in second hand value once its demoted). If the ipad was cheap it would not be such a problem but it costs over 500$ for the lower end models. Most people don’t need to buy a new laptop every 2-3 years.

      My 2nd generation Ipod touch bought in 2008? Demoted in 2010! No IOS5.
      My Ipad 1 bought two years ago? Demoted in 2012! No IOS6.
      My 4th generation Ipod touch bought in 2011? Demoted in 2013! No IOS7.
      My laptop and desktop bought in 2007? Still getting updates and all the apps still works on them!

      Now I’m stuck with 3 different devices which I cannot upgrade, and none of them were over 2 years old before getting demoted. I have a hard time trying to resell unless I lie about how “every apps works on it” to potential buyers, because if they know that “not every apps works on it”, they suddently are not interested anymore, and I understand them, why would I buy a costy device that can only play a small fraction of all the available apps?

      Its also worth nothing all the tech junk Apple creates by not allowing its older devices to get the updates. I thought they were a green company, but they really don’t encourage people to use their old devices.

      My only true ride is music, not having to monitor Apples hardware upgrade paths and buy at the optimum time and looking out for the new ipad 5 and reinvesting.

  3. Not to mention, judging by the amount of votes and comments being made, the subject is clearly not so boring to people who’s Apple products have been demoted after 2 or 3 years.

    Maybe you are rich enough to all throw your tech in the bin after 2 or 3 years but I am not that rich because I am a musician.

  4. Excuse me scottleroc, does your old devices stop working and become useless just because there are new apps out? Just wondering because your whining suggests that. I have several old devices that are just as useful even if they are old and can’t use the newest software. Keep doing music because good music doesn’t require the newest equipment…

    1. You a right, old devices still works, but you just can’t load any new apps on it, or update existing apps… that is all.

  5. Here’s the model that’s worked well for me in dealing with Apple product lifecycles.

    The iPad 1 runs KORG iMS-20 and iElectribe very well. Will it run Nave? No.
    iPad 1 is now frozen in time as my default KORG iOS platform. It is now an appliance, much like the (un-upgradable) hardware it’s emulating. It’s about having reasonable expectations about longevity and utility.

    1. What an utter load of rubbish. The iPhone was allowed to get an upgrade to iOS 6 when the OS was updated. This is a Scam by Apple to make you pay out another fist full of cash for one of their vastly overpriced items. When I buy a keyboard the manufactures support it for many more years than 2 or 3 years.

      You might live in your fantastic life where these items grow on trees for you but I am a real producer that loves making music and doesn’t have cash to throw in the face of the smug sales assistants in the Apple store.

      Back to the original point. If you can make apps, as complex as the Korg ones you have mentioned, then a simple 303 808 clone (that to be fair has been done and is better in Rebirth) like this should easily run on an iPad 1.

      1. Wow, we’re all taking this a bit personally here, aren’t we?
        I can’t speak as a “real producer” (whatever that is), but I think you do make a good point that 808+303 emulation isn’t nearly as intensive as something like Nave or AniMoog and very likely could run on an iPad1.

        Some questions to consider, though.
        • Are there technical reasons (CoreAudio, CoreMIDI, etc) that they might require a higher iOS version to be installed?
        • Does that higher iOS version include many other features that Studio1111 wouldn’t actually utilize?
        • Would those other features negatively impact the overall system performance?

        While it’s popular to get butthurt about the “Apple culture” or perceived snobbery, these are the kinds of factors that I think go into explaining why there’s a ‘cutoff’ line…Oh, and of course they want your money too. Duh! 😉

      2. Also, what exactly is rubbish about getting my old iPad1 EXACTLY how I want it, and leaving it there?
        The entire reason I bought the ipad was for the iElectribe app. I had been planning on buying a hardware Electribe anyway and when the iPad app was announced, it felt like a good time to check out a new platform for nearly the same price.

        When I’m still using the KORG apps reliably, years from now, will I be bothered by the fact that I can’t run some other new app on it? No! It was set up with a singular purpose and I’m treating it like a musical APPLIANCE. Like any other synth I’ve ever owned.

  6. This is crazy, if you think old hardware is useless or broken or that Apple are not green because they bring new things out or whatever you’re just plain wrong!

    I know someone who still runs windows 98 on a crappy old pc and they are having a brilliant time with all the old music apps that never get updated or improved because they can’t afford all the new stuff! Do I think they sit around complaining about it? Do you think they sit there all angry and upset because Microsoft didn’t update windows 98? Or their favourite software company that made that awesome synth no longer exists because they went out of business years ago? I’ll tell you.. No. They. Don’t. They are true musicians who refuse to blame their financial status or the tools they have for things they can’t do!

    The point is _everything_ still works! Everything! Not some of the apps, or some part of the apps! Everything! It’s still a 100% viable musicians tool even 15 years on!

    If you really want to … you can view this old PC as an ‘appliance’ that can’t be upgraded and is ‘stuck’ as an old softsynth machine…. but that is missing the point completely!

    The responsibility lies with you and you alone and quite simply comes down to attitude. Want to be green, keep your ipad1 and still be using it for midi / iElectribe or whatever in ten years time.

    I’m sorry your old hardware doesn’t run new stuff and you can’t afford a new device, but if you think anyone; myself, the other people who actually understand how the world works, Apple, the software devs etc… are going to hang around and limit their new developments to keep you satisfied, you’ve got some re-thinking to do because no amount of whining is going to change this… the world moves on whether you like it or not…

    Get over it…

    1. Comparing Windows 98 which was released 15 years ago to the ipad 1 which was released less than 3 years ago?

      How are we supposed to take you seriously? I’m not saying the ipad is bad, what I’m saying is that its a rich kid’s device which costs a lot of money to keep up to date.

      Sure my old ipad 1 still works, but it will cost me over 600$ if I wish to update my apps, or even buy new apps.

      Which is kinda stupid from Apple when you think about it, they’d rather have all their ipad1 users not buy apps anymore.

  7. The rate at which iOS has advanced and obsoleted hardware can be frustrating.

    I see two benefits from this, though:

    It’s easier for developers if they can focus on a consistent platform, which means iOS users get more and better apps. iOS still has a. Way better selection of apps than Android or Windows Mobile.

    The majority of iPad users benefit by letting developers focus on more capable iPads. Current iPads are 4 times faster, so they can run apps that would crush my iPad 1. Desktops and laptops have not advanced that quickly, so this is not an issue there.

  8. The day Apple markets an iPad that remains usable and stable for 4+ years like my iMac is the day I’ll consider it. I also have a refurbed eMac that still runs just fine, 6 years in. When the most basic iPad costs $500 and a far more powerful Mac Mini is $1299, I think a housecat could see the cost/benefit curve. IMO, many people like iPads simply because they’re portable and its a status point to have one, but If you have real musical work to do, its just not there yet, not as a serious DAW. I respect some of what’s been coming out for it, especially the synths, but the idea of depending on one heavily has yet to prove itself.

    1. Lemur! Nave! Auria + FabFilter plugins! Sunvox! Genome! Audiobus! NanoStudio! iElectribe! Thor! Turnado! Loopy! Animoog! EasyBeats3!

      That is all I have to say in response to that particularly misguided and ignorant post… If you can’t reliably make top quality ‘real’ music with that lot… well… I’ll leave it to you to work out where the problem is…

      I’m in a funny mood today and not tolerating any of this absolute nonsense 😀

      1. Nonsense? ..

        60$ Reaper + Free VSTs like TAL, De la Mancha, VoS, Crystal, U-He Tyrrell/Podolski, Synth1, and more > everything you mentionned for the ipad, and your are not stuck with sandboxed apps and limited routing on a real DAW.

        That is all I have to say to you calling this post “particularly misguided and ignorant”

        Just like you seem to be unaware that the FabFilter, Sunvox and even Nanostudio were made first or are available on computers.

        I’m not saying the the ipad is bad for music, but its a rich kid’s toy, and there are better software for free on a cheaper computer. Deal with it.

      2. Back to school for basic comprehension lessons for you I think…

        I never said that computers were not serious DAWs or that any of this software didn’t originate there…

        The point is very clearly that iPad can be taken seriously as a music production environment and anyone that can’t see that is ignorant and misguided…

        You deal with it!

        1. What I said exactly is : “I’m not saying the the ipad is bad for music”, I never said the ipad could not be taken seriously, I only said it costs a lot to keep up to date with this kind of hardware.

          I did not know it was such an ignorant remark to say… bad me!

          Back to school for basic comprehension lessons you say? 🙂

          1. Er? I quote:

            “If you have real musical work to do, its just not there yet, not as a serious DAW”

            I say 100% bullshit and that it sounds like you’ve never actually even tried to do any serious music on an ipad because you’re always on or desktop… If you had tried to make music on an ipad, seriously, you would know it’s perfectly possible!

            Honestly, what an absurd argument!

            1. Its sad that you absolutely don’t understand what I’m saying.

              I have tried making music on the ipad, and I DO use my ipad as an instrument (Geo/Mugician, etc), but as a DAW, the workflow is so inefficient compared to a desktop/laptop DAW that its just not worth wasting my time when it comes to that. You just can’t compare a 9 inch screen to a triple 24 inch setup when it comes to workflow.

              But as an instrument I really like my ipad.

              1. And btw, I’m not even the one who said : “If you have real musical work to do, its just not there yet, not as a serious DAW”, that was Fungo McGurk. Please try to follow the thread before accusing me of saying things I did not even said.

                1. I stand by what I said because an iPad either calls for a stylus or a lot of screen resizing and moving to operate. I like seeing tabs for pages like Effects on synths, but with a mixer, you just plain need a little more slinging room. Humans operate the way they operate and dressing up the process with sleight-of-hand doesn’t always make it better.

                  Maybe I sound horsier than intended, but the fast turnover of iPad models bothers me and I feel surprisingly resistant to the idea of that being a person’s ONLY “mixer.” It demands too many accomodations because the workspace is just too small. However, as a synth or a patch-switcher, I’m quite impressed and some of the left-field programs like Pond would be on mine. I got to sit with Sunrizer and some headphones for a while and my verdict is that its 5-star work. I’d be plugging a controller keyboard into it, but yeah, its There. So I’m a serious skeptic for now, but if Apple would slow the $#@! down so I could build one good current working rig of several synths, that’d be a great module-with-benefits. Besides, all of this hollering is part of the process of finding that magical moment when your need, gear lust and cash coincide with the current Pad having the oomph to deliver. I give it several years yet, but it’ll happen.

    2. Turnado is identical on iPad and VST, yet a hundred bucks cheaper. Same goes for Aruria’s iMini.
      That’s just 2 apps, and already that’s closing the gap of the price difference between an iPad and a Mac.
      Even a housecat could see your argument just boils down to your own preferences….

  9. I guess there are two types of people in the world;

    Those who see problems everywhere, are resentful and get stuck all the time…

    And those who see amazing advancements in technology, the opportunity this affords, even if it isn’t always easy, make progress in life…

    It is abundantly clear who’s who in this particular thread!

    Thanks for the entertainment folks, I can always rely on Synthtopia commenters for a giggle 😀

    1. What 2 kinds of people, those who give a shit about being scammed by a massive corporation and those who can walk blindly into an Apple store and will buy into any bullshi*t they spin.

      Giggle all you like but really you are entertaining us with your ignorance.

      1. Cause Apple double pinky sweared your iPad would NEVER EVER be obsolete, then they went and obsoleted it!!!!!

        PS, there are more than 2 types of people in the world, cause I’m not either of the ones in your scenario.

        1. There are two types of people in the world and I wish they’d stop yelling. If that noise nukes the Hulk’s souffle, he’ll break his foot off in your @$$. Word.

      2. Please, tell me, what exactly is it you are so sure I am ignorant about?

        You think I don’t pay attention to what Apple do/don’t do and just blindly follow whatever they say? Not sure where you got this information from because it certainly isn’t true; I am very very cautious when buying products from apple as there are probably 1/20 hardware releases that make excellent purchases and the rest is just filler to keep the money rolling in. E.g I realised the moment I saw the ipad 1 that it wasn’t suitable for that much, same with 2 and 3, but when 4 came out late last year I instantly knew it was the right one to buy, almost 12 months on I am still 100% happy with it and will probably continue to be so as it is a superb bit of kit! I certainly won’t be getting rid of it if I upgrade. When the support for it is dropped I’ll simply draw a line on that upgrade path, carefully check requirements of any app upgrades and make sure there are backups of older versions and continue to enjoy it for many years to come.

        Sorry you rushed in and bought an earlier version, that sucks, poor you, want a hug? I’ll make you a nice cup of tea if you like, you know, just for like supporting Apple in the early stages so they had the cash to develop the one I have now 😉

        Sorry…. I know I am being bad… Told you I was in a funny mood today 😀

  10. On a related point why do you people (Apple disciples) get so upset when anyone says anything negative against Apple? Are you really all so under their spell that you have lost any kind of free will?

    Why do you downvote all of ‘none’s’ comments. He is only speaking his mind on a subject that no one seems to even question. Why do you all preach the actions of Apple?

    Going back to an earlier point about older tech. I have a 6 year old laptop running Ableton and it works fine. Apple out dates it’s products on purpose so it can keep selling it’s overpriced junk to you sheep.

    1. why do fanboys hate it when you attack apple inc? because they derive their identity from it – so basically, you are attacking them… its a territorial thing.. monkey shit, etc.

    2. Odd, but whenever I see someone call out other people for being sheep I find myself thinking of a terribly insecure individual with a penchant for negative attention. There should be something like Godwin’s Law, only with Nazi crossed out and sheep added in, to deal with this peculiar syndrome.

      1. It is some sort of delusion. If you are not going around hating Apple all the time, you are a “sheep”, or a “fan boy”. Everything is black or white, with us or against us, no possibility for any shade of grey….

  11. Thanks you massive downvoter! You totally made my day and proved how intolerant you are.

    Who else got 25 downvotes in less than a minute? 😀

    1. There’s more than one ipad1ownertroll too… I didn’t write this! I’m much more verbose than that…

      I mean why just tap my pretty shiny screen once or twice when I can make the little letters on virtual keys go dark many many times?

      Of course there are more than two types of people in the world… The point is, we’re bloody lucky to have any of this stuff at all, and complaining about the nature of apple, software, or actually anything, is just plain silly! Realistically nothing is going to change, all that much, there will be those who love how Apple do things, get it, and use that to their advantage and are willing to pay the extra money, and those who don’t and prefer running PC’s and free software… None of it really matters, which is why I was giggling and why I see this as entertainment … Please don’t take any of it too seriously :))

      For what it’s worth, I’ve used dozens of operating systems and I find the Apple stuff the easiest and fastest to use for 99% of tasks I need to do on a regular basis, but that says nothing other than this is my preference ad yes, I am willing to pay extra for that convenience because being self employed I have to make every second count and the cost benefits are probably in the thousands, and it possibly makes what I do possible where it wouldn’t be otherwise. I’ve introduced elderly relatives to it who didn’t have a hope in hell of understanding what was going on with Windows or Linux or even a Mac, but have taken to iOS like a fish to water – it is very empowering technology that is quite unique in this regard – not sure what that has to do with anything, but I wrote it anyway.

      There is definitely something screwy going on with the voting, the number of thumbs in very short spaces of time is very unusual! Still, it’s an open system, all that is required is a cleared cache and change of IP to vote again, so any idiot can do it!

  12. I have been using Studio 1111 for a few hours and its honestly OK at best even with the Pro version.

    A few things I would like to see to make it killer.

    There is no solo or mute function. If I dont want to hear the drums I have to go into the step sequencer and delete all the patters?????
    No hold on the FX, I find the 808 and 909 to be a bit lacking in top end so to correct that I go to the FX and get the eq I like but I have to keep my finger on that eq I cant let go because it goes back to the defauly eq ( slightly dull)
    If you can address these issues it will be something great.

  13. Hi All!
    I m sorry, ipad1 owners, I understand the frustration. In reality, it’s very hard indeed to compile apps for previous generations of hardware, apple are very good at keep you “up to date” and never looking back..
    I m happy to awnser any further questions you may have.

    1. Sorry Alex for the shitstorm, I understand its not your fault, but rather Apple’s fault for not providing any legacy support for their old devices. And I know how hard it is to make something compatible with older versions of IOS without using any new API from the newer versions. Keep up the good work!

  14. Funny how aboutthis is about an app and no one is discussing it. Only ranting about how ipad 1 sucks. Sorry u want everything new all the damn time. Yours truly
    The guy who doesnt care 😛

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