Patchblocks Let You Create Your Own Programmable Modular Synthesizer



It’s turning out to be an interesting week for modular synths. First, littleBits introduced the Korg Synth Kit – a set of basic snap-together analog synth modules.

Now developer Sebastian Heinz has introduced Patchblocks – hardware modules that you can program with your Mac or Windows computer.

Here’s the official video intro:

How does it work?

All you need is a Patchblock, a Mac or Windows PC and our free software. The software allows you to program your hardware module the way you want. This is done in a visual programming language. You choose from a variety of low level sound processing elements and combine their functions by connecting them with virtual cables.

Your library of software modules includes signal generators and processors (e.g. oscillators, filters, delays etc.), signal routing options and even modules for algorithmic composition. The editor lets you emulate how your patch will sound and once you’re happy with it, you can upload it to your Patchblock hardware by connecting it via USB. Once programmed you can unplug the Patchblock and jam away.


  • stereo audio input
  • stereo audio output
  • 2 channel digital input
  • 2 channel digital output
  • 2 assignable knobs
  • 2 assignable illuminated buttons
  • tough 5mm machined acrylic enclosure panels
  • USB chargeable LiPo battery
  • 10bit / 20K sampling rate audio – it sounds fatter than you expect!

Here’s what you get with the Patchblock:


Patchblocks are being developed as a Kickstarter project. See the project site for details.

via palmsounds

14 thoughts on “Patchblocks Let You Create Your Own Programmable Modular Synthesizer

    1. yea me too! want the six pack… then i’ll be real loose when playing these cool things!
      Would seriously consider backing these, but i got a lotta cash in
      another kickstarter project- the Korg Volcas.
      ; p

  1. Backed this straight away. Wish I was a little more flush as I’d love 4 of them.
    I can see one of these being a very inspiring tool in the studio..
    Love the Max style software.. Plus the thing sounds great to my ears.

  2. I was ready to say “oh, that’s a cute little toy” and then I read about the programming flexibility, and then I heard the sound demos – WOW. All of this in a tiny package (space is limited in my tiny bedroom studio). I backed for one of the January units immediately. For ~$60, why not? totally cool.

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