‘Action Strikes’ With New Native Instruments Kontakt Percussion Instrument

Today Native Instruments announced its new Action Strikes instrument – an “intuitive, playable orchestral percussion instrument” for Kontakt 5 (or Kontakt 5 Player).

Action Strikes Features:

NI_Action_Strikes_Screenshot_EnsembleAction Strikes features an advanced interface designed for easily creating orchestral pieces for film, television, and game scores. The percussion collection features 12 unique percussion ensembles, an additional 65 individual instruments (each with 32 playable rhythms), and 12 single hit sets, all with real-time control features. High, mid, and low sections from different ensembles can be mixed and matched with a total of over 1,700 timbral possibilities. Over one hundred rhythms with five variations allow for a wide range of rhythmic potential when developing original arrangements.

Furthermore, Action Strikes allows the user to exercise real-time control and creativity in their cinematic scoring. Accents are controlled by the left hand while the right hand chooses variations, and the mod wheel adjusts dynamics while the pitch wheel controls accent strength.

Pricing and Availability. Running in Kontakt 5 or the free Kontakt 5 Player, Action Strikes is available now from the Native Instruments Online Shop for $299 / 299 € / ¥ 29,800. For more information, consult the Native Instruments website.

Here’s a more detailed overview of Native Instruments’ Action Strikes percussion instrument:

7 thoughts on “‘Action Strikes’ With New Native Instruments Kontakt Percussion Instrument

  1. First Action Strings, now Action Strikes. Next: Action Stripes???
    Just kidding. This actually looks pretty cool; composing orchestral loops can be pretty difficult at times, like the guy said. Hopefully there will be a way to share patterns and perhaps replace the drum sounds if we have our own. Its 300 bucks, so hopefully its a big library.

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