Samplephonics Releases ‘Analogue Machines’

Samplephonics recently unveiled their new analog(ue) synth emulator, Nevo Analogue Machines, in collaboration with producer Yoad Nevo.

The virtual hybrid analogue synth contains over 17,000 recordings from 6 “classic” analog synths: Mini Moog, JX10, SH-101, Oberheim M6R, Juno 106 and the Korg MS10. Analogue Machines also includes a ton of presets (1000+), along with an arpeggiator, a sequencer, a chord generator, stereo and chorus effects, reverb and delay effects, as well as an LFO and ADSR envelopes.

Nevo_Analogue_MachinesThe collection is available as a custom Kontakt 5 instrument, and is also available for use with Logic Pro or Reason. Samplephonics reports that an Ableton Live pack is in the works.

Pricing and Availability. Samplephonics Nevo Analogue Machines is available now for download from the Samplephonics Store for £89 / 150 Euro.

16 thoughts on “Samplephonics Releases ‘Analogue Machines’

        1. can a monotron sound like this soft synth ? no ! it also in not meant to, i’ll agree. But the point of the 60 USD hardware equivalent is bollocks. what this synth is targeting users who would consider NI Monark for instance.

        2. While I would agree that you get more analogue out of a Monotron, I doubt you’ll get half of the sounds out if alone compared to this Kontakt-library.

          Whatever floats your boat, of course, but for me I’d rather go for the software if it came down between only these two, to be honest.

          1. Going with the Monotron makes sense, unless you want to play polyphonically, play with velocity/expression, play in tune, easily play different patches, create complex synth sounds or work within a DAW without a lot of hassle – in which case the plugin looks really nice.

    1. UPDATE: I was clearly not focused when I was typing. I mean $60 more, a la Volca’s. Soft synths at that price are not appealing to most musicians I know. In fact most musicians have more than enough soft synth capability packaged with their DAW’s

  1. need to hear some stronger demo’s…i almost heard the makings of a few JX -3 p patches in there…probably from the JX10 banks…there’s some classic sounds in the 3p so the jx10 should be able to do them too….more demo’s needed to convince me.

  2. This is a joke? get a volca and sample that and or years to come you will have fresh sound you know you sculpted. This ‘sample pack’ stuff is utter bjll#cks.
    I have had some hardware synths for 15 years now and they are still going strong.
    The computers I have got thru in that time is comical . I see my mates buying duff , software and duff controllers and , they never finish tracks for release on vinyl. What a laugh. They have spent way more than me and will continue to do so on all the software crap.
    It is like auto accompaniment, buying sounds others made.
    See how quick you can boot my comments off, i do not give a funk.

    1. You’re either trolling or completely ignorant about synths, because no knowledgeable synthesist would argue that a Monotron is more powerful or better sounding than a decent software synth.

      The Monotron is cool and fun for what it is – but it’s also got noisy circuitry and is extremely limited as a synth.

    2. Tell us more about why you think your amateur sampling of a toy synth is going to sound better than professional samples of some of the greatest synths of all time.

  3. First of all the price is $200 US, (not 90).

    The demo vid sounds fantastic to me, with extremely pleasing low-end.

    These arguments as to whether someone should spend their money on a VI or Sample Set versus a little monophonic hardware box are a little silly. They are all completely different products that fill COMPLETELY different needs. AND, they are not mutually exclusive. One could have an analog rig for some work and this kind of rig for others.

    The fact that this rig has sourced its sounds from real analog beasts makes it a safer bet as far as basic tones. And the filters in Kontakt have gotten better over the years.

    I usually roll my eyes when I see yet-another-subtractive-analog VI, and I don’t need any more than I already have. That said, this looks & sounds pretty decent.

  4. What a shocking opinion Mr. Fruity, although I do feel like I’ve heard this line of thinking before…where did I see that?…oh yeah maybe on about 34,000 GearSlutz threads maybe?

    Some people think making sounds is more important than making songs. And some people like yours truly think the end result is what matters. To each his own.

    But turn what your saying around…aren’t you just buying a Volca and using sounds it made instead of buying software and using its sounds? What’s the difference? Oh yeah, you “sculpt” by throwing a filter on and adjusting the attack. Which makes your method FAR more artistic, unlike those “soft” amateurs! Lol you win

  5. Well your view of sound sculpting , is enough to see you really are in deep on the sound front!!
    You used the word amateur not me.
    There is loads of hardware coming out cause , basically there is a demand for it.

  6. I’m happy that I’m not using GHB anymore .
    That’s the point!
    One day revenge is mine!
    I’m the one and only!
    See you on 07.55
    I’m not CIA!

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