iZotope Releases Free Audio Repair e-Book

02690d6ec7d9465bb92ba1e037b5c17eiZotope recently announced its new digital guide, Audio Repair with RX 3: Tools, Tips, and Techniques. The free reference guide, available in the iTunes store and through iZotope’s website, provides information for audio editors repairing or restoring audio.

Audio Repair with RX 3 outlines common audio problems in recordings, and covers the fundamental concepts of audio repair, with tips from professionals for salvaging previously unusable audio.

Key Features Include:

  • The basics of audio repair and restoration, and understanding “the tools of the trade.”
  • Using a spectrogram to identify audio problems.
  • Expanding efficiency in de-noising, including reducing broadband noise, hum and tonal noise, and dialogue de-noising.
  • Removing intermittent noises and gaps, clicks and pops, clipping, and reverb.
  • Techniques for exporting and delivering audio.
  • Tips from industry leaders, including time-saving advice and guidance through specific modules and plug-ins.

Pricing and Availability. Audio Repair with RX 3: Tools, Tips and Techniques, is free, and is accessible in PDF format by clicking here. The eBook version can be downloaded via iTunes for iPhone and iPad via the iTunes store.

For more information about Audio Repair with RX 3, including follow-along audio examples, visit the iZotope website.

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