Audio Artery’s One DJ Boasts Customizable Timeline Edit

Audio Artery have launched One DJ, a customizable all-in-one solution for DJ-ing, and creating mixes and mashups, with a “revolutionary” Timeline Edit Mode.

One DJ also features a fully customizable user interface with smart audio routing.

Customizable Timeline Edit. Developers tout One DJ as the first DJ software to feature a timeline for music, previously only found in studio software. Each deck in One DJ can be turned to Timeline Edit mode which also allows on-the-fly mixing and remixing, even while DJing live, and without the need to use a separate software. Decks can be scratched, looped and pitched with minimal latency in Timeline Mode. Projects and mixes can be saved or exported to audio for later use or sharing.

One_DJ_routingModular Interface. Another unique feature of One DJ is its “fully modular” user interface. One DJ users select their preferred gear and create a custom layout to suit their preferences, without limitations to the number of decks, mixers or FX panels being used.

Familiar industry standard DJ software features are included in One DJ, including intuitive MIDI mapping, sync, high quality FX and Z-Plane time-stretch and beat detection.

“We wanted to bring something to the DJ software market that really opens up new opportunities for DJs to be creative. When working with digital music files the possibilities are endless, so it felt really restrictive just to have 2-4 decks that copied features from traditional CD players. A static one-for-all user interface on the other hand is something that belongs to the past,” says Sulevi Seppänen, Audio Artery’s marketing director.

One_DJ_decks_playersPricing and Availability. One DJ Core Edition is now available via the OneDJ website at a retail price of 49 Euro. There is also a free, fully-functional demo version available for download.

4 thoughts on “Audio Artery’s One DJ Boasts Customizable Timeline Edit

    1. second that….Mixxx is pretty good on linux though.

      I dont have a need for this software..but i think it’s a great effort. i hope it catches on.

  1. A “revolutionary” Timeline Edit Mode.

    Right, like that one we’ve seen in MIxmeister perhapse?
    But “modular” and “intuitive MIDI mapping” sounds nice.

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