57 thoughts on “Moog Introducing Limited Edition Aluminum Minimoog Voyager

    1. uhh… whats wrong with cosmetic editions of a classic old synth. i dont play the voyager but it seems iconic like a stratocaster. so why not just let them keep remaking it? it’s moog after all. its cool for synth brands to come out with technology but its a little screwed up when we expect music companies to be gadget companies. look at the graveyard of “game changers” over the last 10 years.

        1. Really. Eco friendly? And everything that is involved in making your electrical components and generating the bulk of your electricity is “Eco friendly”. Take that heart off your sleeve. And maybe a few of those bumper stickers off of your car. We get it, you’re great.

          1. Have you been watching Fox news again Olson. So we can’t discuss the environmental factor because of how ubiquitous a certain material is in daily life. Once upon Asbestos was also widely used, not that it should be compared to aluminium yet take a deep breath. And grow a little!

            1. Maybe there’s a lot of recycled aluminum in the body. Anyway, the volume of Minimoog units produced will have minimal environmental impact when compared to aluminum soda cans and those ridiculous Kuerig coffee packages that are filling up our landfills.

    1. right. no well designed music gear is housed in a metal chassis… except, every f’ing thing…
      you ground the case to make a faraday cage, yo…

    1. Dullest NAMM in years and it hasn’t even started yet. I sometimes wonder what actually would impress people these days. It doesn’t seem like much would and if it did within 2 years they would be bagging it out.

  1. Their last “special” was a $10,000 bathroom fixture. I guess they decided to market to the Bruce Banner segment. Does it have titanium keys? Iridium knobs? This really isn’t helping that cult of personality problem that’s been quietly developing in the background.

  2. What happened to the gold edition? Did they sell them too dictators ?
    Moog should solve the problem of the irritating noise that the back lit panels emit when turned on,
    If Moog is about ‘sound quality’ why not fix that problem first? You spend thousands on gear , and on leads,desks etc and the high pitched sound you hear can be traced to the moog synths leds.
    Moog no thanks .

  3. Sooner or later, any once novel technology stabilizes.

    I’d say the quintessential performance synth, the minimoog, is stable enough a design that you don’t need to tamper with it anymore.

    Just as you don’t see the standard guitar designs changing over the years (Epiphone, Les Paul, Telecaster, Jazzmaster, etc, I’m no guitarist but you get my point), but just new wood finishes coming and going, so too now in synthesizers, some instruments have reached that level of maturity.

    Synth players should start getting used to this. Not everything will keep changing every year at breakneck speed as if it were the laptop market.

    I see it as a good thing, in fact, I’d like to see more of it! For now we have FEW such standards. Let us all also begin agreeing and concluding on the quintessential multieffects processor interface, the quintessential FM synth interface (?), sampler interface, etc.

    Then perhaps in the future, just as one guitarist can pick another one’s instrument and start making music, an analogous development will come with synths!

    1. >>> Sooner or later, any once novel technology stabilizes. – Onar3d

      Hear hear. If more people could accept the natural envelopes of such things, there’d be more rockin’ and less kvetching.

  4. I think it’s pretty dumb to get in their case for not making a “groundbreaking synth” every time, but I can totally get down with saying:

    Dear Moog, despite it being “really neat,” the fact is that your Voyager costs too much money in all of its iterations and will remain the exclusive province of those who absolutely must have it simply WILL NOT CHANGE no matter how many different wrappers you slap on it. Please, for the love of God, stop putting different colors on your synths and acting like that’s a real product release. Maybe taper the announcement to “next time you pass over a voyager on the way to buy a sub phatty, perhaps you would like to consider not buying the Voyager in a new aluminum body?”

  5. I’d love a Model D reissue, with MIDI. That’s all it needs. Like Korg did with the MS-20 mini (though Moog build quality). No presets or anything else. I’m starting to really get back into the “new sound every time” way of working.

    1. If it’s going to have midi it’s going to have digital components. Saving is a must in this scenario. For those that don’t like to save, just don’t save.

  6. I see a ton of Moog envy disguised as contempt on this forum.

    Just because you can’t afford it, that doesn’t mean it’s not a classic. So I’m guessing none of you would like to own the Neve 1073 re-release/update, because the tech is old and it’s not technically a new product… really guys?

  7. They released the image in August of last year. This is old news.>>. http://www.moogmusic.com/news/creating-water-cut-aluminum-voyager

    Common MOOG! You need to focus. Don’t turn anymore into the Apple of synth companies. That is: too hip, too cool, too exclusive, too expensive, seemingly innovative only not really. Focus on resolving issues with existing products and R&D for new ones and let the Voyager be. It would have been more exciting to see them bring back the select series with more body options if they wanted to toy with the voyager image. Not that most could afford that any more than they will an aluminum one. Don’t get me wrong people I love moog and have a few moog boards and a few foogers. The Sub37 is news… Now whether they can be the only ones to have ever made a worthwhile paraphonic synth remains to be seen. If anyone could, it should be moog… But polyphonic beats paraphonic every time. You just either need a mono synth or poly. I hope to find that for the first time I’m thinking, “this could use a paraphonic sound”… But I doubt that.

    1. Would some of you who really understand the technical issues involved help me to explain why an all-analog polyphonic “MemoryMoog” is nothing more than a pipe dream? Shuddup, PLEASE! Its about as sensible as wishing for wings. Oberheim basically has the only realistic handle on it. Each voice needs its own section and must be programmed separately. Its that or digital voice assignment to render the polyphony. You want an all-analog poly? No problem, its called the Schmidt and it costs $30k. Order yours today!

      1. I would love to help, but you pretty much covered it.

        “We want extremely complex and expensive designs at a price that will cause the manufacturer to lose money.” <—- this is becoming a very tiresome cliche on synthtopia, mostly propagated by individuals who prefer to be seen with instruments rather than actually play them.

        To wit: "Unfortunately, an instrument of this design is expensive to manufacture, and its complex architecture usually results in unreliability. Moog provided total polyphony in this way on their Polymoog, and sure enough, this keyboard suffered from being too expensive and unreliable."

        Taken from this article:

        Which should be required reading for any noobs who think that synth companies are just being dicks by not providing cheap "whatever I want this week."

  8. Moog makes some things I don’t need and can’t buy. So what? They also make the Minitaur and Sub Phatty. Sure, it’s an evolution of an existing sound — a sound that many people love and now, thanks to Moog, can finally afford.

  9. I’d like to see an “Unobtanium” Edition. That stuff is super rare I hear. I heard that Moog was releasing to new products at NAMM this year. I hope this wasn’t the second next to the SUB 37…

  10. Sheesh, what was the point? Aluminum takes a LOT of water to produce, which greatly dims the allure of the shiny case. I find it flaky to put synths in fancy bodies that do nothing for the sound. I doubt the case will affect that. Aluminum has an incredible strength-to-weight ratio, so I like seeing it as supporting end-caps, but the whole body? That’s a useless affectation. If you want a physically tough synth, make it from the same resins as SKB and Gator cases. Those can shrug off a nuke. This is just showing off, not enhancing the instrument.

  11. Thats pretty sic. Im happy to see Moog making fun cases for a classic synth. This gives people that actually care about these synths the option to get something unique.

  12. Seems to be lots of comments about electronics here by people with less electronic knowledge than my dog. You either like the finish or you don’t, Me I bought a dark metallic red car, I kinda like it, my wife doesn’t. …….

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