littleBits New cloudBit Lets You Connect Your Modular Synth To The Internet

littleBits_cloud-modulelittleBits Electronics has introduced a new module, the cloudBit, that will let you connect your modular synth to the Internet and more.

The cloudBit, according to the company, will help democratize the ‘Internet of Things’ (IoT) – the idea that ‘smart devices’ will be able to communicate and interact with the Internet.

The cloudBit – part of the company’s littleBits modular electronics system – lets you turn any object into an Internet-connected device. littleBits already makes an open source library of electronic modules that snap together with magnets. Existing modules include things like motors, buzzers, buttons, light sensors, switches and LEDs. Last year, they added modules that expanded the platform into audio with the Korg littleBits Synth Kit.

Here’s a demo of the cloudBit in action:

The cloudBit can engage in three types of interactions:

  • Bits to Web (SMS doorbell)
  • Web to Bits (controlling something remotely, as in their automatic fish-feeder example in the video)
  • Bits to Bits (like the cloud-controlled camera)

These interactions could be applied to musical purposes, also. For example, in the area of sonification, creating geographically distributed musical installations, Internet-based synth control or even creating new types of audience interaction.

littleBits has also partnered with (short for “if this, then that”) to integrate littleBits inventions with existing web services like Instagram (check out the whimsical Insta-ego-head tutorial), Facebook, Twitter, Google Drive, etc.

littleBits_cloud-starter-bundlePricing and Availability. The littleBits cloudBit is available today for $59 via the littleBits website. A “Cloud Starter Bundle” (right) consisting of six electronic modules, two “accessories” to connect to the Internet, and tutorials, is available for $99.

More information is available on the littleBits website.

16 thoughts on “littleBits New cloudBit Lets You Connect Your Modular Synth To The Internet


    #1 – connect my modular system to the internet

    #2 – eat a bucket of bees

    #3 – watch the transformers movies, screw you Michael Bay, your movies suck.

  2. Join the littleBits botnet. Add the cloudBit to the Korg Synth Kit and you can participate in a denial-of-service attack against Roland.

  3. This isn’t for the guys that just want to play 70’s prog rock riffs, obviously, but it looks like it could offer some ultrageeky fun!

  4. this concept is just super convincing. what opportunities! and this little video is convincing people by claiming everything without proving anything. clever. but so what – we have got our imagination, haven’t we? and that’s what this thingy is all about…

  5. At 0:33 I was like: yeah, that’s brilliant, I really need my umbrella to tell me “Hey, take me with you” when I’m going out and it’s raining like madness.

  6. It definitely is a feature that will help as you say. Although many people here are saying against it but I wanna say Connect that thing to internet now.

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