Livid Taking Orders For Ds1 MIDI Mixer


Livid Instruments has begun taking orders for their Ds1 MIDI mixer. which they first previewed at this past winter’s NAMM Show.  Livid developers describe the Ds1 as a “rugged, portable solution for computer-based mixing, production and performance.”

The Ds1 works with any software that supports MIDI. Templates will be available for digital audio workstations such as Ableton Live, Bitwig Studio, Logic and more. The mixer uses the familiar layout of an analog audio mixer to introduce MIDI control, and affords more options for signal routing and sound processing when using digital audio workstations, allowing the user instant access to their mix, effects, and instrument parameters.

Livid_ds1_angleDs1 Specifications:

  • 9 faders (60mm)
  • 44 rotary knobs
  • 4 push encoders
  • 25 RGB backlit buttons
  • USB powered class-compliant MIDI
  • Expression pedal input
  • Ultra light and heavy-duty aluminum construction
  • Designed and assembled in Austin, TX USA
  • 12” x 12.25” x 1” (30.48 cm x 31.1 cm x 2.5 cm)
  • 4.4 lbs (2 Kg)

Pricing and Availability. Livid Instruments is currently taking pre-orders for the Ds1, which is expected to begin shipping September 1, and will be available from Livid dealers and from Livid Instruments. The MIDI mixer will retail for $479 US. Additional information available from the Livid website.


14 thoughts on “Livid Taking Orders For Ds1 MIDI Mixer

  1. I’m really interested in the DS1 but I was kind of shocked to see that all the connections are on the side of the unit. Seems pretty logical that you’d want to have other gear beside something like this so I find it an odd choice for placement. Maybe I’m wrong but I feel like most gear has its connections on the back. Might not stop my buying one but it definitely makes me consider other options a little more than I otherwise would have.

    1. It’s a HUGE negative, I would love to have 4 of these bad boys but with the gap on the sides I will get multiple K2’s instead… it doesn’t make any sense honestly, I’m going to write them and tell them how bad of an idea it is… if enough people do so, they will change it.

  2. I agree. That’s a questionable choice to put the connections on the side.

    It’s out of my price range, but if someone was to just give me one, I’d probably look for right-angle connectors.

  3. It is a strange design decision to put connectors on the side of the unit, indeed. Although DS1 is not the only one. Livid Base also has its USB socket on the left side of the unit, as does QuNeo. It is annoying, but I can live with it. There are special USB connectors which are L-shaped and minimize the space needed. But in DS1 case there are also expression pedal socket and power socket, which makes it really annoying since you have to leave at least 3-5 cm of free space.

    On the other hand I have been pleased with overall quality of Livid controllers. They are rugged, responsive, reliable and extremely versatile. They are usually worth their high price.

  4. It raises the question of how much thought and real-world testing goes into these designs. You would think that such a basic question of where to put the connectors would have been batted around the design table for a while before any other circuit work was done.

  5. was totally looking forward to this…but now that I know the port is on the side…I’ll just stick with my VCM 600.

  6. So, maybe we’re just using mixers wrong all the time and sliders should be in horizontal position, zero at right side end – that way the connectors are in the back as they should be… 😉

  7. Looks like a pretty similar layout to the new controller Novation announced, but this is over twice as expensive for less than twice the amount of knobs, no motorized faders, which the Novation one doesn’t have, but come on, for over 400 bucks motorization should come standard on controllers specifically made to be used for mixing. Also the decision to put the connections on the side is mindbogglingly stupid. Livid makes some amazing stuff but they dropped the ball on this one a bit.

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  9. What would you say between the Ds1 & x2 Xone K2 ? I have a push too. Hesitating between the two options for producing and live/dj set… ideally i want to switch between traktor 4 decks on a xone mixer 62 or 92 with 2 Kontrol x1s + **Ds1 vs x2 Xone K2 ??** & a Push with running Ableton (also not sure if it can be done on one computer…? or maybe just easier to be on point with both) let me know what you think! thanks

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