OKTAKONTROL, A Dedicated MIDI Controller For The Elektron OktaTrack


AG-KW has released a second series of their OKTAKONTROL controller for the Elektron OctaTrack sampler.

The OKTAKONTROL is a custom MIDI Controller for the OctaTrack. The Oktakontrol is designed to fit perfectly with the Octatrack. It is the same width & height and its sockets are at the side panel, so you can place both machines directly next each other. It offers 8 high-precision faders and 9 buttons to control the tracks on the Octatrack

Here’s the official intro video, featuring Prof. Okto von P:


  • – 8x ALPS faders to control track level
  • – 9x buttons to control track mute/solo/arm/user configurable
  • – sturdy case which fits perfectly next to the Octatrack
  • – all sockets at side panel & user-configurable arrangement of sockets
  • – based on Arduino (open source / reprogrammable by experienced user)
  • – Midi IN/ OUT/ THRU/ AUX
  • – mini USB to configure and update Firmware
  • – 9VDC power supply (included)

The OKTAKONTROL is available now, priced at 230,00 EUR.

5 thoughts on “OKTAKONTROL, A Dedicated MIDI Controller For The Elektron OktaTrack

    1. of course, you also can use a cheap standard plastic based midi controller, but you have to programm it to work perfect and it is probably not that good like these high class faders and buttons 😉
      and you also have to think about the price twice. the oktakontrol is no mass product like others with cheap plastic case, faders and buttons. handcrafted, hand soldered and only in limited small series. feel free to start a cheaper product 🙂

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