Korg Intros Hatsune Miku ‘Singing’ Effects Pedal

miku-stompAlong with the new ElectribeElectribe Sampler, Volca Sample, Mini Kaoss Pad 2S, and Gadget update, Korg today introduced something a little more ‘out there’ – the Miku Stomp ‘singing’ effects pedal.

Miku Stomp is a vocaloid effect unit for guitar that lets Hatsune Miku sing according to your guitar playing. Just onnect your guitar, and Hatsune Miku sings when you play.

The vocal synthesis technology at the heart of the sound is eVocaloid, a vocalzing effect based on Yamaha’s next-generation NSX-1 sound engine.

According to Korg, using a guitar to control Hatsune Miku’s vocals has a different character than when using step-recording or a keyboard. 


  • Hatsune Miku ‘sings’ when you play your guitar.
  • 11 lyric patterns are provided, so you can play ‘oohs’ or ‘aahs’ or custom lyrics.
  • An iPhone app for entering lyrics is available, so you can make Miku Stomp ‘sing’ your original lyrics.

Here’s a quick video demo of Miku in action:

Official pricing and availability details for Miku Stomp are to be announced. See the Korg site for details.

39 thoughts on “Korg Intros Hatsune Miku ‘Singing’ Effects Pedal

    1. This is just SO BIZARRE!

      I know that these anime vocalists are big in Japan, but turning it into a guitar pedal just makes it even stranger.

      I want to see a demo with a synth!

      1. They do make a Gekken keyboard dedicated to Hatsune Miku sound. Also, Vocaloid is software so it works in any computer with a MIDI keyboard.

    2. Yes, kind of reminds me of those Spongebob and Buzz Lightyear drinking glasses with the straw in the lid that sticks directly out of the character’s crotch. A lot of parents see conspiracy fuel in that. I’m sure Korg knew what they were doing, otherwise they would have used a different graphic. Somebody’s having a laugh.

  1. Does the switch grow if you make the pedal sing lies? Or should I be thinking more in the tentacle direction? Nevertheless, the concept is great and might pair beautifully with a tape delay pedal.

    1. Yes there is a Miku plugin and several other virtual vocalists based on the same technology.

      Do a search for ‘vocaloid’ and you should find examples. The technology was developed by Yamaha and is big in Japan. Miku is the most popular of the virtual vocalists and ‘she’ has had some pop hits and even ‘live’ performances, as a hologram.

    2. Sony Vocaloid is the most famous vocoder around. That’s like saying that Les Paul guy plays pretty well. Is there some company that makes guitars like his?

    1. Developers have to focus on iOS over Android, because iOS users are where the money is, and Android platform fragmentation means that it’s where the support headaches are.

      I don’t think you can blame Korg for this, because it’s something all music app developers are doing. It’s just a lot harder for them to make money on Android.

      What Korg should do, though, is publish the specs for talking to these new devices, so that third-parties can make apps that work with them.

  2. Yeah, I want one, too. Korg site says “Available in certain countries only.” I hope this doesn’t mean I’ll have to buy via eBay.

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