Native Instruments Teases Traktor Kontrol S8 DJ System

Native Instruments today published a video (above) that teases its new “flagship, all-in-one” DJ controller Traktor Kontrol S8.

The video is disappointingly short on up-close glimpses of the controller and long on beautiful people in Ibiza and “high profile artists” offering their first impressions of the Traktor Kontrol S8.

The preview video does offer one enticing detail in a voice-over quote from (an unattributed) superstar DJ:  “You can put the computer aside and start working directly on the decks.”  So, perhaps this is a free-standing, laptop-free DJ controller with native Traktor software?

Pricing and availability details, and more detailed specifications, are “coming soon.” We’ll keep you posted.

19 thoughts on “Native Instruments Teases Traktor Kontrol S8 DJ System

  1. WAIT!!! I’m not DJ but somethings is very wrong with these companies. First years ago these companies start selling limited products trying to slave everyone to be a DJ using computers and now years after they came using the word “innovation” trying to sell the idea that is better to mix putting the computer aside. Pure business nothing more.

  2. Nope. NI has always been software driven and will remain that way. This is to the Kontrol S2/S4 what the Maschine Studio is to the Maschine; something that allows you to put your computer “to the side” and focus on the screens of the controller, nothing more.

  3. I’ve used a lot of different rigs for djing electronic music, and I have to say Traktor S4 with my MBP is hands down the best fucking rig that I have used. I’m sure that the S8 will be amazing, NI makes great gear for this market. Now if you’re a scratch master battle dj, I know this isn’t for you, but for everything else, it can’t be beat. The pioneer setup with their cdj’s and mixer is awesome as well, but costs quite a bit more, weighs quite a bit more, and takes up more space. NI is killing it in this market.

  4. i’m pretty exited about it! have been looking all over for an awesome traktor controller that doesn’t have jogs and isn’t a portable or intro device.

  5. they all probably get one 4 free. Im using the F1 (with my laptop tucked away in a case) since it came out, specifically for the remixdecks, to be able to remix my music live during performances.

    And although i love traktor feature wise loads of things are not there and it is pretty much aging there:
    Missing fi. midi clips remixdecks, use modifiers from different controllers to interacts with each other, int. bus looper.. loading two remxidecks in different decks at the same time, a sidechain bus compressor, simple gater wihtout noise. midi remote of filter selection, remixdecks sending actual midi notes next to HSB (nice to be able to trigger video clips in resolume) simultaniously)

    + why not make a modulair S8: an S4 (the left or right deck) and and s2 for the middle bit.. this thing is so huge and clunky: dj_ing or electronic music performance supposed to be compact and lightweight, or are they aiming this to be standard in fancy clubs ?

  6. Do you know ??? I am always thinking … Why native instruments don’t input in traktor a section (like the remix deck ) a drum machine ? Sync with the decks ( tracks playing ) and allow you to call a lot of library of samples (like 808 and 909 …) and you can sequence a beat live on the fly ?? And why not input a synth section .. Where you can call plug in vst of NI like massive and you can trigger notes or chords sync with the tempo master ?? And allow to input your midi device (controller or keyboard ) in the traktor device to do this remix /performance live ?
    I think this is the future each dj making your own remix live . I am already have a name xD traktor studio live !! Hahahha
    The most of Djs /electronic performancer are doing this with ableton … Traktor can mix (xD) the 2 worlds togethers … Dj /Producer to a final electronic performance ……

    1. Actually you can do it already using the remix decks and some mapping skill. It is a bit of work, but it’s really fun. Go to djtechtools for more info.

      1. I know , but I like to use ableton and traktor sync together ( in the same notebook ) but for live I wish one build by NI more safety… Using the 2 software I am afraid of crash in live shows *.*

  7. I really wish they (or somebody) would make a legit all in one device, similar to the product stanton has out. The idea should be to not have a laptop in the set up at all.

    I feel like my options are A: the stanton machine B: some controller and a laptop setup or C: a 3000 dollar pioneer setup.

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