Navichord Harmony Explorer Updated With New MIDI Options

Developer Denis Kutuzov let us know that Navichord Harmony Explorer Рan instrument designed for exploring chord progressions Рhas been updated with new MIDI options.

Here’s what’s new in Navichord 1.1:

  • MIDI input for physical devices via Camera Connection Kit
  • MIDI output for physical, virtual and network devices
  • Piano keyboard velocity added – the lower the higher
  • Scale highlighting for major and minor scales, play a major/minor chord to select the scale

Here’s an overview demo, using Navichord v1:

Navichord is available via the App Store for US $6.99.

If you’ve used Navichord, leave a comment with your thoughts on it!

7 thoughts on “Navichord Harmony Explorer Updated With New MIDI Options

  1. I got this app when it was first presented on this site and it was a fun app but missing lots of features. I must say I am very happy with how fast developer managed to add this great features like MIDI and scales. This is now one of the most fun instrument to play on my iPAD. Thanks!

  2. Bought it…it’s pretty cool. And useful if you’re interested in seeing the chord names especially when you play a more complex chord. It’s nice to see! MIDI is a nice addition, essential IMHO. Only thing is….when I play a lot of patches on my ipad synths, many of them sound deep…lower octaves. Is there something that allows the user here to change the octave of the chord? I don’t see a way to do that. An octave setting would be nice if it’s not present!

    1. @Dandavis, thanks. There is no octave control yet. Do you see it as a global menu setting or you want to be able to change octaves as you play?

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