28 thoughts on “Surgeon + Lady Starlight – Constant Shallowness Leads to Evil

  1. It’s pretty cool that a modular performer has made it to a mainstage like this… even if it is the most generic sounding techno ever.

  2. I seen surgeon playing live in Edinburgh a few times. His sets were the bollocks. Anti trance pro noise kinda stuff always did it for me.

    1. My thoughts exactly. He really doesn’t NEED to but I can imagine the money was hard to resist. Producer of great depth, going back to his brutal 90s singles. Really strange to see this.

  3. That was for shallow minds. Bailed out once I saw she was wearing his costume. And surprisingly, i seem to have heard that beat before! Even my vacuum cleaner found the music boring.

  4. There should be some sort of etiquette regarding post that complain about not liking some kind of music or performance. You should have to post something you like so we can all laugh and wonder what you are doing here.

    1. Oooh, a video of something that isn’t my cup of tea? As a random person with absolutely no relationship to the other readers and commenters, I must log in and say it’s bad, or the people who don’t know I exist will think I’m uncool.

  5. I’d be a big fan if there was something more between bland techno/dance and 64th-note wannabe-prog soloing. “You people” aren’t finding an original voice very often. I’m not auto-impressed simply because a person uses Live or some NI gizmo with a limited half-life. You’re letting the tools tell YOU what to play. The worst thing is not a blatantly bad performance. Its the overly simplistic stuff, where everyone nods their heads to the beat and grins like its the nectar of the gods. Giving $#@! Daft Punk a Grammy was like giving Henry Kissinger the Nobel Peace Prize. Alice, how you guess me am Bizarro #1 and why Boy George play princess in Star Wars thing? 😛

      1. Just because a crowd is behind a thing doesn’t automatically make it worthwhile. As Bill Hicks once said, “Since when did banality and mediocrity become a good image for your children?” Simple can be good, but excessive simplicity leads to, um, shallowness and evil. The fire in your belly should generate more heat than a mere aromatherapy candle. If I heard just a little more personal fire, a little more often, I’d be less prone to feel like most new pieces are missing three or four tracks. Its not fleshed-out. Watching a skeleton do a stripper pole routine is… not right. 😀

  6. Who here needs to defend these guys who perform & buy satin outfits off Satin? Those who live in fear & make similarly uninspired ‘music’? As tedious techno is all some souls know. Limited and disadvantaged as they are, these poor kids, unable to travel the world: To listen to rhythm and rhyme beyond 4/4. As it would take more courage than they have known, to leave the herd: To travel alone. To sit on a mountain getting high. To enter into a tribal village in India or Africa, etc, Listening to true soul, & the evolution of sound; through humanity’s journey in unwritten time! A journey beyond weak scripted hate & trolling. Although I imagine there might be some haters who want to express their limited vocabulary (spiritually). On these hallowed pages? 😎

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