Ableton Live Mashup With Vocaloid Miku Guitar

Sunday Synth Jam: This synth jam combines a live mashup with a guitar-driven vocal synthesis lead. 

Rishabh Rajan combines samples from Porter Robinson’s Worlds album, performed on the Ableton Push, with an unusual lead guitar solo, performed with Korg’s Miku Stomp effects pedal.

Miku Stomp is a vocaloid effect unit for guitar that lets virtual vocalist Hatsune Miku ‘sing’, based on your guitar playing.

7 thoughts on “Ableton Live Mashup With Vocaloid Miku Guitar

    1. It looks like he’s got each button programmed to do two things – trigger the clip and also to trigger a lighting effect. I don’t think that is anything more than eye candy – but I give him kudos for excellent blinkenlights!

  1. This should have be the video they debuted on Late Night with whoever the heck host’s it now… When they showed the halo gram singing or whatever. lol

  2. Loved it! Great to hear someone actually playing electronic music live, even if it is mostly sample based. And I was already wanting that guitar pedal. Now I’ve got to have it.

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