28 thoughts on “Giorgio + Kylie – ‘Right Here, Right Now’

  1. it sounds so much like what I could hear back in the 1980s when I was going with my mother to buy cheap shoes in a suburban discount shoe shop that i can smell rubber.

  2. No hating, just find it disappointing. To say they have done great work before hardly exonerates them, if anything makes it even more surprising.. I expect it will be hugely successful commercially though..lol…

  3. a 1970s style disco song by an 1980s producer with a title from a 1990s band’s big hit, performed by a popular 2000s singer released in the 2010s

  4. Embarrassing. Although I used to adore his work (even in the early part of the 80’s) Moroder was to me never a great deal more than a quite good tunesmith (listen to his generally naff pre-Donna Summer work, although its a 5 out of 10 at best) who was in the right place at the right time; he had the great fortune to meet Donna (one of the best voices of her generation) at the dawn of disco, met a man with a modular Moog synth, heard Kraftwerk on the radio, put 2 and 2 together and hit paydirt. He really should have retired gracefully years ago I think; 25 years ago, people probably thought he had.

  5. Its just pop music folks. Guitars, synths, doesn’t matter when you’re sole goal is the Top 40. Thing is, if you hit you can buy a LOT of synths!

  6. I’m in Germany and whenever I click on an embedded YT video and the stupid “Unfortunately this video is not available in your country because the content mafia is engaging in a turf war” comes up I know that I’m not missing much, because apparently the track in question has enough commercial potential for the digital rights restriction industry to bother and that almost always means that it’s mainstream crap anyway! 😉

  7. It’s not bad at all. It’s just that we tend to compare it to his classic work. Like someone said, it’s just pop, it doesn’t have to be revolutionary (in fact in mustn’t be). The sounds are interesting, the voice is more than ok. And… I don’t think it sounds like the ’70’s! More like 90’s pop.

  8. Not a bad tune, but does feel a bit forced, seems to be enforcing a sound he has had recent success with, Daft Punk want their vocoder back, Giorgio. But I am thinking, it feels stewed by too many cooks.

  9. Guilty pleasures… Kylie is definitely one!

    I’m a fan and not afraid to admit it, but I wasn’t keen on this, she has done far better work, both musically and visually!

    Check out Come into my world… video by Michel Gondry = sheer genius!!!

    Youtube 6Fe1Scu5fdw

  10. Dude is 74… Like he gives a damn about anyone wondering if he’s relevant.
    Writing a pop single with Kylie Minogue is probably pretty fun.

    Hilarious seeing comments about how this somewhat taints the guys reputation.

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