Elektron Grammofon Record Label To Feature Elektron Artists

Elektron_Instruments_Grammofon_RecordsElektron Music Machines has announced a new undertaking: the record label Elektron Grammofon.

The label will be the home for 12” vinyl records, by artists using Elektron instruments. The releases will be limited to 300 copies and all profits will go to charity.

The first act on Elektron Grammofon will be the electronic music duo Plaid. The Plaid 12” will be available for purchase through the Elektron website late spring.

Details are to be come, via the Elektron site.

9 thoughts on “Elektron Grammofon Record Label To Feature Elektron Artists

  1. Bad idea. This takes focus away from improving their instruments, and stifles creativity. Announcing this when there are basic features still missing from some of their equipment is just insulting.

    1. they still working on updates but with this new overbridge it will take longer.

      creating a new label is a smart move and i’m very confident that they manage this with ease without loosing resources for coding

      1. I disagree. I think that a music equipment manufacturer should not be in the position of picking and choosing what kind of music they ‘like’ being made with their instruments. Sure, their equipment is popular for a few particular types of music now, and they certainly seem to enjoy riding that wave, but musical tastes are very fickle. This is a bad long-term strategy for them.

        Plus, I don’t care about overbridge. I’m talking about fixing basic omissions before they go on to develop new technologies. Maybe I would care more if I had something other than an octatrack, but I don’t really see the point of getting a hardware instrument just to tie it back down to your computer. Surely if it were good hardware, it would do what it’s supposed to without that?

  2. I think it’s pretty cool of a boutique gear manufacturer to start a record label. Elektron in a general sense is all about the music. However, they have only a few employees and I really hope that this doesn’t distract anyone from working on much needed updated for their machines.

  3. I have nothing against this, quite the contrary, but having A4 and Analog Rytm the time waiting for Overbridge seems to me quite unbearable

    1. A4 owner here, agreed, overbridge and a small mixer would pretty much solve my i/o woes only owning a duet, and the next things I want anyways are a tr-8 and a rytm so buying a new interface doesn’t make sense, but 2 ins bottlenecked through my a4 is killing me right now, but i’ve committed to waiting, and I want the thunderbolt interface market to normalize a little bit more before investing.

      But that being said, I applaud them for not releasing unfinished or buggy software. This is truly an incredible undertaking for them and it will change how their products are used, the A4 has been an incredible investment in that it keeps evolving, (first poly and a new os and now this) These are live instruments and I want them to stay above all reliable. New features aren’t useful if they aren’t reliable. *ahem ios8/yosemite*

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