Roli Unveils Equator Synthesizer, Because More Powerful Controllers Need More Powerful Synths


In the last few years, there has been an explosion of innovation in the area of MIDI controllers, like the Roli Seaboard Grand multi-dimensional controller, above.

Today at Musikmesse 2015, Roli, the creators of the Seaboard Grand, introduced new cross-platform synth that’s specifically designed for advanced multi-dimensional controllers, Equator.

Equator builds on the innovations of expressive alternate controllers and electronic musical instruments like the Haken Continuum, the Eigenharp, the Madrona Soundplane and Roger Linn’s recently introduced Linnstrument. These instruments, Equator developers say, “are a new category of multidimensional instruments, each enabling multiple parameters to be controlled polyphonically on a per-note basis.”

Equator also offers multi-platform flexibility. Equator can run identical sounds as a standalone OS X application, as a plugin for a suite of industry-standard DAWs, and also on-board each Seaboard Grand. This functionality is possible because of the the audio C++ framework Juce, which Roli acquired in 2014

Equator comes with an expansive library of presets, from accurate simulations of acoustic instruments, to synthesized layered effects. These allow musicians to create their own sound palettes and load these sounds directly onto the Seaboard Grand, which can now be played untethered from a computer, for the first time.

Here’s an unofficial video overview from Musikmesse, via Audiofanzine:

Pricing and Availability

Roli’s Equator synth engine will be made available, after April 27, 2015, in multiple formats:

  • a software instrument for Seaboard Grand owners to use;
  • as a standalone Mac OS X application; and
  • as a DAW plug-in.

The on-board Equator synthesizer for Seaboard Grand will be available May 18, 2015 as a standard feature on all new Seaboard Grand orders.  For existing Seabord owners, the update will also be supplied via a free firmware upgrade.

More information about the Roli Equator synth engine is available on the Roli website.

6 thoughts on “Roli Unveils Equator Synthesizer, Because More Powerful Controllers Need More Powerful Synths

    1. Ahh, you are right- then when they release synths with those, the people who LIKE mini keys will have something to complain about!

  1. Roli Unveils Equator Synthesizer, Because More Powerful Controllers Need More Powerful Synths

    They are talking about softsynths?

    So it should read

    Roli Unveils Equator softSynth, Because More Powerful Controllers Need More Powerful Softsynths?

    I know it sounds better using the term synthesizer , when the actual object (or ‘non object in the case of a softsynth’ ) is a soft synth .

    Do us a favour use the the term softsynth when putting up softsynth marketing ads on here. It will save a good number of us time , following duff links.

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