Arturia BeatStep Pro In-Depth Demos

Here are a pair of in-depth demos with the new Arturia BeatStep Pro sequencer, which is now shipping.

The first video, above, features Alex Anderson from WMD demonstrating how the BeatStep Pro an be used with CV/Gate to control analog gear. 

Topics covered include:

  • Control and sequencing of modular synth gear
  • Ease of use (start making music within hours)
  • Connecting with Analog Synth Gear
  • Integrating a computer (optional)
  • Three sequences, one for drums and two others
  • Assigning to pads and triggering in real time
  • Benefits of using a sequencer
  • MIDI and CV Control

The second video, above, features Arturia Sound Designer, Greg Savage.

Savage takes a look at creating beats and sequences with the BeatStep Pro:, including:

  • Tempo and Sync
  • Swing, Randomness, and Probability
  • Shift Commands and Transport Control
  • Using the Roller / Looper in real time
  • Getting the most out of the BeatStep Pro
  • Finding inspiration when using the BeatStep Pro
  • Shift commands on the BeatStep Pro
  • Using the BeatStep Pro in the studio for composition and arranging

The BeatStep Pro is available now, with a street price of about US $249. See the Arturia site for details.

BeatStep Pro has a street price of about US $249. See the Arturia site for details.

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15 thoughts on “Arturia BeatStep Pro In-Depth Demos

  1. I would appreciate info on where in the US anyone can actually buy this yet before July runs out. I keep seeing expected ship dates well past the end of July (it’s not even available directly from Arturia yet) but read “is available now” in the press coverage.

    Available where?

  2. This, sequencing my modular and Bass Station II. Analog Four & Rytm.

    -> Full analog mayhem!

    (And having a X Air XR18 in order to multitrack everything, I’m HAPPY)

  3. my only problem is that it doesnt do polyphony – wont record or output a poly track over midi

    and that sucks, also editing chromatically might be a pain in the ass because you cant see what notes are where

    maybe they will make another version that has this kinda stuff.. like a super pro version or something

    1. Drum track is polyphonic, no one says you have to send it to a drum synth….

      Mine shipped today, I should have it Tues.!

    2. Sounds like what you are after is a DAW and not a step sequencer.

      I wish somebody would make a DAW….that would be tits!

  4. this looks great, but have been considering Numerolgy4 as a sequencer for a while.

    pros vs cons? anyone?

  5. My JDXi Roland has an awesome sequencer and better polyphony with the supernatural engine. But nice reduction nonetheless. If I was more into American style modular synths then I would def be more interested in the Arturia. For now with the Japs.

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