SoundScaper Update Significantly Expands Oscillator Capabilities

Developer Igor Vasiliev has updated SoundScaper experimental sound mini lab to version 1.7.

The update significantly expands functionality of oscillators, including: enhanced noise control, different kinds of distortions based on simulations of unstable work of clock and pulse-width modulation modules, amplitude modulation, new possibilities of controls by the trigger and frequency modulation for the final mangling of samples. 

Here’s what’s new in SoundScaper 1.7:

  • Ready-to-use oscillator presets.
  • New user interface of oscillator control panel.
  • Improved internal sound engine.
  • Amplitude modulation of output signal.
  • Sine and triangle waveforms of amplitude modulation.
  • Change PWM carrier frequency for more lofi effect.
  • Simulate degradation of PWM circuits / decrease bit depth.
  • Control of unstability of oscillator clock.
  • Three types of generated noise like the real circuits.
  • Additional control for level of noise.
  • Two range individual LFO for modulation of clock frequency.
  • Frequency modulation by output signal from other oscillators.
  • Added the mode when trigger waits end of sample playback.
  • Trigger can shift bits on address lines.
  • Reverse shift mode of bits on address lines
  • Improved presets / samples list in the oscillator panel.
  • Button for preview sample in the list.
  • Added samples in built-in library.

SoundScaper 1.7 is available for US $9.99 in the App Store.

If you’ve used SoundScaper, leave a comment and let us know what you think of it!

2 thoughts on “SoundScaper Update Significantly Expands Oscillator Capabilities

  1. I love this app and all this updates are really amazing. I have it since version 1.0..


    everytime you must hit set after selecting a preset this is so inconvenient…

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