Superbooth 17 Will Be The Largest Synth Event Ever – Here’s A Preview From Organizer Andreas Schneider

Superbooth 17, being held April 20-22 in Berlin, Germany, promises to the biggest synth event ever. It will feature more than 150 synth manufacturers, electronic music performances throughout the day, DIY workshops and more.

We’re also expecting at least four major new synth introductions, dozens of new Euro and 5U synth modules and more.

We talked with organizer Andreas Schneider at his office and got a sneak preview of what you can expect. He told us that Superbooth 17 won’t just be bigger than last year’s inaugural event, but it will be better in many ways:

First, it will be held at Berlin’s FEZ:

The FEZ is a unique non-profit family science and technology center, built by the GDR in what was then East Berlin. So it has exhibit space and concert halls – but also has a two-story play land, a space center, a swimming pool and a train.

The space also has allowed Schneider and his team to do some new things this year:

  • Superbooth 17 will feature a free hands-on electronic music area in the first floor Foyer. This is for all ages – Schneider wants kids to be able to try out new gear. Maybe some will be inspired to become the next generation of electronic musicians and synth makers.
  • Superbooth is taking over the second floor with workshops, exhibit space and concerts for attendees. There’s more space than last year, which allows for a lot more synth manufacturers.
  • This year, there will also be outdoor concerts, because the FEZ has a good location for this.
  • There are also many unique events planned – like Tangerine Dream performing live on a boat.
  • There’s even a pool!

Details on Superbooth 17 are available at the event site and we’ll have news from the show starting later this week.

14 thoughts on “Superbooth 17 Will Be The Largest Synth Event Ever – Here’s A Preview From Organizer Andreas Schneider

  1. Herr Schneider seems to be an great guy. I’m looking forward to hearing about what gets introduced at this year’s event!

  2. Musik-Messe 2017 in Frankfurt am Main this year was a bit boring and lacked of surprises.

    This can only get better. I look forward to hear and see Behringer’s Minimoog and ARP 2600 at this Suportbooth 17.

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