ContinuuCon 2017 Workshop Videos

Synthesist Chris Stack ( has shared a series of videos, capturing some of the workshops at ContinuuCon 2017, being held June 8-10 in Asheville, NC.

ContinuuCon is an annual event that focuses on the Haken Continuum, a pioneering electronic music instrument that is designed to offer expressive control and dynamics on a par with the best traditional acoustic instruments.

The daytime workshops include discussions about performing with the Continuum, creating patches with EaganMatrix, interfacing with Eurorack modular synthesizers and more.

The first video, embedded above, features Ed Eagan, discussing EaganMatrix, the deep synthesis engine that powers the Continuum. 

In the next video, Euro designer Russel Hoffman introduces his new Eurorack interface for the Continuum, which exposes the Continuum’s multiple dimensions of control as control voltages for modular synthesis:

In the following video, Christophe Duquesne, a sound designer and programmer (Anckorage Spring), digs into EaganMatrix effects design:

In this video of his second session, Ed Eagan discusses the future of EaganMatrix, the synthesis engine of the Continuum:

The second day featured a discussion by Ed Eagan, Sally Sparks and others on playing techniques and musical notation for the Continuum:

In his second session, Christophe Duquesne discusses physical modeling algorithms and his work for new synthesis options for the Continuum:

Programmer Jesse Chappell discussed iOS and the Continuum in his session:

In this video, Benedict Slotte digs into the details of creating a pitch shifting audio processing effect with EaganMatrix:

To find out more about ContinuuCon 2017, see the event site.

4 thoughts on “ContinuuCon 2017 Workshop Videos

    1. Rabid Bat

      Thanks for the feedback and sorry that the videos do not show up for you. They are Facebook videos – is there any chance that Facebook is blocked at your location?

      As a check, I tested the page in several desktop browsers (Chrome, Firefox) and a mobile browser (Safari) and did not have any problem with the videos. So I have not been able to duplicate the issue.

      If anyone else has trouble viewing this, let us know what your setup is and if you do have access to Facebook. If it it’s a common problem, we’ll touch base with the ContinuuCon organizers and see if they can share the videos on another platform.

      1. Ah ok, thank you. The servers here at work block facebook domains in our local dns server’s hosts file. Interesting how thoroughly the information just evaporates or invisibilizes. The article appears just as text and no embedded things or links.

        I think Chris will repost these on his youtube account when he gets back. The final concert started just a few minutes ago and I think he is performing so he’s no doubt busy at the moment.

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