PPG Infinite PRO For Mac & Windows (Sneak Preview)

Synth pioneer Wolfgang Palm has shared details on PPG Infinite PRO – a new wavetable synthesizer for Mac & Windows that he says is coming in December 2017.

Palm previously released PPG Infinite for iPad.

Here’s a video sneak preview:


  • New system which can synthesize harmonic and inharmonic sounds
  • Morpher – X/Y controller which morphs 5 user selectable sine resources
  • Noiser – X/Y controller morphing 3 noise resources and performing modulations on the tonal part
  • Molder – acts as a digital filter with any imaginable filter sweeps
  • Two detail editor pages for the Sine resources featuring a 3D display *
  • Analyser with 6 modes for directly converting your own sounds
  • Noise separation lets you create own resources for the Noiser
  • Import WTS and TCS files from WaveGenerator and WaveMapper
  • Import Phonem utterances and use them in the Infinite PRO Molder
  • Versatile matrix system – allowing 16 sources to control 40 parameters
  • 10 Envelopes, for control of filter sweeps, waveform, noise and many modulations
  • 4 LFOs which can be freely routed via the matrix
  • Delay/Reverb effect
  • Overdrive/Distortion effect
  • Preset browser with new listing filters
  • Directly accessible context help for each module
  • Freely configurable schematic keypads, with extremely expressive modulation options
  • 4 MIDI modes: Omni, Poly, Mono, and Voice-Per-Channel (MPE).

Details on pricing and availability are still to be announced.

7 thoughts on “PPG Infinite PRO For Mac & Windows (Sneak Preview)

  1. Although I appreciate the attempts to innovate in terms on GUI design, the PPG Wave Generator VST had to be the most confusing VST I’ve every used. It’s a shame because the sound is great but if I have to constantly consult the manual every time I use it it isn’t exactly intuitive. It’s turned me off to his other offerings.

    1. I have used WaveGenerator for a year, and I actually find its GUI very straightforward. Have you seen the tutorial videos? You have three oscillators with custom pitch tracking and modulation slots, you have two amplifiers that can have their own envelopes, four lfos (only one of them is used exclusively for panning), an lpf with overdrive and resonance, and even FM! What questions do you have. I warn you that there is aliasing in the C7 or sometimes C6 range, so be cafreful about the kinds of sounds you want to make. The original PPG Wave had aliasing too.

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