Everything You Wanted To Know About Ableton Live 10

Here’s a deep look into what’s new in Ableton Live 10.

In this video, Ableton Certified Trainer Serafin Sanchez gives Synthtopia readers an in-depth look at the major new features in Live 10, and shows how they can be used in making a new track.

Highlights of Live 10 include:

  • four new devices;
  • a completely redesigned sound library;
  • workflow improvements;
  • Push enhancements; and
  • full integration of Max for Live.

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Pricing and Availability

Ableton Live 10 will be available February 6, 2018. The purchase of any Live 9 edition automatically entitles customers to a free upgrade to its corresponding Live 10 edition upon release.

Download versions of Ableton Live 10 cost:

  • 79 EUR / 99 USD / 69 GBP for Live Intro
  • 349 EUR / 449 USD / 319 GBP for Live Standard
  • 599 EUR / 749 USD / 539 GBP for Live Suite

Boxed versions of Ableton Live 10 cost

  • 99 EUR / 99 USD / 89 GBP for Live Intro
  • 399 EUR / 499 USD / 359 GBP for Live Standard
  • 649 EUR / 799 USD / 579 GBP Live Suite

Existing Ableton Live owners should log in to their accounts to check upgrade pricing.

More information, including a tour of Ableton Live 10 features, is available at the Ableton website.

20 thoughts on “Everything You Wanted To Know About Ableton Live 10

  1. “This upgrade path is not available for your license.” Funny…any existing owners of Live 9 Intro are not eligible for the free upgrade….thanks Ableton… quite unfair, i think … this should also be included in “everything you wanted to know about Live 10”

    1. If you’ve used Live 9 for four years and expect to get a free upgrade, you might want to switch to Fruity Loops.

      The free upgrade for new Live 9 buyers isn’t penalizing people who bought Live 9 four years ago. The free upgrade for new buyers is to avoid penalizing people that might want to buy Live right now, instead of next week.

      New Live 9 buyers get a free upgrade to 10 simply because, otherwise, everyone would put off buying Live until the new version was released.

    1. Where did you read that? I use a edu license and I couldn’t find that mentioned anywhere except about Ableton shop sales discounts

  2. Thanks for the video.

    Now I get what Capture does and it looks like it could end up being my favorite new feature. I like the idea of being able to just jam around and have a ‘buffer’ of sorts.

    Anyone know how long that buffer can be?

    1. At first I was skeptical that I would use Capture much, if at all, but I’ve actually used it during almost every session since I got the beta.

      Not sure what the limit is, but I think some of my “captured” MIDI tracks have been up to 64 bars.

  3. Brilliant video. Been playing with the beta for a month and it’s incredible what you can do with the wave table synth. Not to mention the workflow improvement. Love ableton

    1. At first I was skeptical that I would use Capture much, if at all, but I’ve actually used it during almost every session since I got the beta.

      Not sure what the limit is, but I think some of my “captured” MIDI tracks have been up to 64 bars.

  4. Remove all the Suite features, Push 2 and then have a demo what is new for AL10 (Standard/Into). Will become a very short and boring video. A good video should go from Intro to Standard to Site AL10 features. Most AL10 video talk just about Wavetable / expanded view. (Bitwig also has expanded view now) + Ableton missed an big opportunity to give AL9 Lite/Intro users and opportunity to try 10 and convince to (re)license or upgrade.

    1. yeah intro and standard are pretty crap when you look at what is included – I mean I get not having all of the instruments but it doesn’t even have the sampler – I wish they would drop the price to one price between intro and standard and then let you purchase upgrades for all of the parts you want – like i would want the wavetable, drum rack, sampler and simpler – I don’t use any other instruments – don’t care about their sample packs and honestly only currently use the midi effects and like, the delay, filter and eq from the effects.

      1. I also agree that it would be a great idea to let the user choose only the modules that are being used in the production/performances! I use sampler, simpler, drum rack, auto filter and max for live, that’s basically all. Since I have a lot of hardware stuff, I don’t use any of Ableton’s synths at all, effects are quite cheap sounding to me, maybe I would check out the wavetable, looks and sounds quite good.

        1. yeah I am not really a fan of the effects, the delay is useful because it isn’t a cpu hog and eq and utility are useful and the filter is just convenient because it is there but if I didn’t have them I would just use free vsts that do the same thing – I use a both hardware and software approach so I use a lot of VSTS – which is why I am still using the 32 bit version – a lot of the vsts I like to use don’t have 64bit versions and jbridge gives me problems a lot of the time –

  5. As a L9 Standard user I was underwhelmed with the 10 update features ,
    but the Standard > Suite upgrade offer , whilst unfair to existing Suite users , was just TOO good for me to ignore

    I was never interested enough in Suite at the previous price , but £190 for both upgrade to Suite + upgrade to 10 has pushed me into buying .
    It is a double whammy .. as 9Standard > 10 Standard would be £160 post offer price , then I’ve just got Suite for £30 !
    So I’m feeling pleased I think I got a good deal , whilst also feeling I’ve been played ! .
    I wouldn’t have made this purchase now if it wasn’t for the limited time aspect of the deal . If they repeat it in the future it may dull my good will to them .
    Also played because I was also considering switching to Bitwig ,…had they charged any more I may have flipped sides , but Ableton happened ? to keep the price lower than Bitwig’s similarly timed sale price .

    I’m still underwhelmed now using L10 beta , & am hoping for more workflow enhancements & Max4Live developments rather than unwanted synths & devices .
    Particularly on the graphics side , I want more extended views for more devices , integrated with more control over the second window view ( at least an option to break the fixed alternating Arrange vs Session views , there are times when I want BOTH to be Session – eg Clips & midi screen 1 , Mixer & audio device screen 2 .)
    I am frustrated by having to tweak so much in the restricted bottom device slot , & generally will opt to use vst plugins whenever I can simply to see a larger view in the middle of my screen for editing .

  6. I wish they could just make a stripped down version of Ableton that could play loops in grid mode, have couple of sends and a mixer and it would run on iOS. That’s all I use Ableton for and Lite version is enough for me.

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