Free ‘Wider’ Effect From Polyverse Music + Infected Mushroom

Polyverse Music has introduced Wider, a free stereo width plugin, created in collaboration with Infected Mushroom.

Wider takes the stereo section from its sibling, Manipulator, and gives you the ability to expand the stereo image of any signal to ‘an awe-inspiring amount of width’. It does this in a way, though, that is completely “mono-compatible”, meaning that any signal that has been extended will always remain in phase with itself, even if summed to mono.

Pricing and Availability

Wider is available now as a free download for Mac & Windows.

13 thoughts on “Free ‘Wider’ Effect From Polyverse Music + Infected Mushroom

  1. These guys have always been on top in my books, they are not only making cutting edge music, but also leaving their mark as great software product developers, taking their experience and making good products. I definetly recommend their pusher vst, I’m sure this is good to. Erez is my synthesizer role model. Just sayn

    1. They are diversified in the electronic music business, even prince made a film, elvis too, and Jay z has a clothing brand because people like his style… I guess these aren’t real musicians either.

      I’ll be buying their plugins because I like how they think of effects design.

      1. Yeah, I also think that the music business is getting harder… users can nowadays make music on same level as them with a cheap laptop.

  2. Their GateKeeper plug-in is awesome. As someone who has used Soundforge’s limitied(I think it has like only 20 points to insert) fade effect to create cool amplitude waveforms, GateKeeper is like taking that concept a 1000x beyond what I could do before and it runs within Soundforge.

  3. It’s a cool effect, but if you put an LFO on ‘Wider’ you can hear how the filtering slightly changes the pitch.

  4. That was a pretty awesome demo.

    Would love to know how it works, does it split the mono signal into low & high frequencies then delay & pan the high frequencies?

  5. Based on the website clues, they are probably combining the signal with a delayed version of itself as in a comb filter but separating them L-R, and using all-pass filtering to also change phase between L-R channels.

    1. If they use a delayed signal it would not be mono compatible, like the haas effect isn’t. The other method of stereo widening is using matched eq’s on The left and right channels which have opposite settings, so if one band on left is at 1db the other one on right is -1db. When summed to mono they cancel each other out. Probably something similar to this.

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