Synthstrom Audio Announces Deluge ‘Release’ Tour and Record

Synthstrom Audible has announced the upcoming release of “Release,” an album featuring a collection of 26 songs from Synthstrom Deluge users from all over the world.

Along with the “Release” album release (ha), Synthstrom have also announced a tour: 30 parties around the world, in 10 countries, featuring performances by over 200 Synthstrom Deluge users.

The tour. The ‘Release’ world tour begins in February 27, with events in New Zealand, Australia, the United States, United Kingdom, Europe and Canada through the end of May.

Tour dates and locations are as follows:


  • 27.2 MUSA Lounge, Palmerston North
  • 27.2 Space Monster – Whanganui
  • 28.2 Wunderbar, Lyttelton
  • 29.2 Crown Hotel, Dunedin
  • 4.3 Voodoo Lounge, Tauranga
  • 5.4 Skinroom, Hamilton
  • 6.3 BackRoom, Auckland
  • 7.3 Valhalla, Wellington


  • 12.3 Backbone, Brisbane
  • 13.3 PBC, Sydney
  • 14.3 Gasometer, Melbourne


  • 20.3 Switched On, Austin, TX
  • 21.3 The Crystal Cavern, Oakland, CA *
  • 28.3 CoAxial, Los Angeles, CA *
  • 15.5 H0l0, New York City, NY *
  • 21.5 Moe’s Tavern, Chicago, IL *
  • 30.5 Tim’s Tavern, Seattle, WA *


  • 15.4 Bloc+, Glasgow
  • 17.4 Deaf Institute, Manchester *
  • 18.4 Hope & Anchor, London *


  • 22.4 Maze, Berlin, Germany *
  • 28.4 Cafe de Paris, Paris, France *
  • 30.4 UMBO, Zurich, Switzerland *
  • 1.5 Vondelbunker, Amsterdam, Netherlands *
  • 8.5 Lucky Records, Reykjavik, Iceland
  • 2.5 MIR, Oslo, Norway *


  • 22.5 The Cameron House, Toronto *
  • 23.5 Barfly, Montreal *
  • 29.5 China Cloud Studios, Vancouver *

At the events highlighted with an *, there will be an opportunity to attend a limited-spot special users-only meetup before the event which will also include a discussion with Synthstrom Deluge project manager Ian and inventor/engineer Rohan (via satellite).

The Release Album

The 27-track Release album comes out February 25th, 2020, on double-vinyl (with download) and on streaming platforms.

Details on the release ($25 USD + shipping) can be found on the Synthstrom Audible website.  A call for submissions to their second album collection will go out soon, and all those who purchase a copy of this first release, supporting this project, will get an option to submit an additional song for consideration to Volume Two.

For more information about the Release album, check out the Synthstrom Audible website. For additional information about particular tour locations and performer lineups, and links to purchase tickets, check out the Synthstrom Audible Facebook events page.

3 thoughts on “Synthstrom Audio Announces Deluge ‘Release’ Tour and Record

  1. Hmm… I’m releasing what I feel is one of my better tracks tonight (maybe I’m not that good to begin with) using only the Deluge and Novation Summit… I received my Deluge a few weeks ago but it’s an instrument for life; after the first few days I completely understood why it’s gained a cult following.

    My lack of need for a battery, desire for more outputs, want of a screen… all squandered once the instrument was in my hands; the portability became a boon, the mixing easily done within the unit, the shortcuts became second nature… What an at-the-time small company has provided and pioneered for the price relative to the competition is bewildering. I love it.

    1. Its WELL worth it though – the capabilities are massive, and more is being added with frequent updates – the price is not for a finished box, but for a lifetime software license to a box that is continuously growing and evolving along with you.
      Its beautiful indeed 🙂

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