WMD Introduces SL3KT, 3-Channel, Bi-directional Switch Module

Colorado synth maker WMD shared this intro video to their SL3KT module, a 3-channel, bi-directional switch module.

At their most basic level, switches let you use control voltages to select between two audio or control voltages sources and then route them to another module, or take an input and use control voltages to control where it goes.

The SL3KT is a 3-channel switch in 4HP, with Channel Normalling, Bidirectional signal flow, and a wide range of use cases. It can handle both audio and CV signals, and is precise enough for 1V/Oct signals, as well as fast enough for audio rate modulation.

In the video, WMD’s Alex Anderson (aka Nasty Nachos) discusses 6 different use cases for Eurorack switches. “I hope that everyone can learn a little bit about switches and why they are a useful addition to your Eurorack modular synthesizer system,” he notes.

Pricing and Availability

The SL3KT is available now with a MAP price of $139.

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