Arturia OB-Xa V Brings Classic Oberheim To Your DAW

Arturia today introduced OB-Xa V, a new software emulation of the classic Oberheim OB-Xa synthesizer.

Here’s what they have to say about it:

“Released in December 1980, the OB-Xa made a massive statement in the world of analog synths. Following the release of accessible digital synthesizers, Oberheim brought in added polyphony, big sound, and impressive power to show the world what synth greatness really means, and it became an instant rival to its main competitor, Sequential Circuits’ Prophet 5.

OB-Xa is a hugely iconic synth behind Van Halen’s hit ‘Jump’ and albums by Prince, Queen, Bon Jovi, Billy Idol, Chaka Khan, The Police, and more. Its dangerous, all-embracing sound is perfect for expressing the epic, heart-crushing drama of life. It’s used today by the likes of Flume, Chrome Sparks, Calvin Harris, and Venetian Snares, entering a new dimension of electronic music.

Our faithful reproduction of OB-Xa with extra inspiration taken from the OB-X and OB-8 for the most satisfying result will be perfect for keyboardists and synth programmers.”


  • Stereo spread with left/right offsets on oscillator, filter, and LFO parameters
  • Modulation matrix
  • Arpeggiator
  • More flexibility on the LFO for easy modulation
  • Up to 16 voice polyphony
  • Innovative voice detuning
  • On-board effects: delay, chorus, reverb, phaser, flanger, compressor, overdrive, multimode filter, and bitcrusher
  • Oscillators’ continuous X-Mod modulation (cross modulation)
  • Oscillators’ (1, 2, and noise) mix in filter section for rich sound sources
  • 4 Function Generators
  • Sleek design for great visual experience of your sound
  • Seamless preset selection with the visual browser
  • Over 400 presets
  • Individual voice panning
  • Extension panel includes Mod Matrix, four Function Generators, and 3 busses with 9 effects each

OB-Xa V Hands-On Demos:

Pricing and Availability

Arturia OB-Xa V is available now with an intro price of $149 USD (normally $199).

36 thoughts on “Arturia OB-Xa V Brings Classic Oberheim To Your DAW

  1. I enjoy the Arturia V Collection instruments. As far as I’m concerned, they’re the only practical way to get these classic sounds. I know they don’t have the immediacy of hardware control and aren’t 100% faithful to the originals, but unless you’re focused on reproducing the original presets in a lab setting there’s no reason for them to be exactly the same. The important thing is to have access to instruments that sound Oberheim-like or Sequential-like. I’ll wait for the OB-Xa V to be included in a V Collection upgrade rather than paying $150 for a single instrument, though.

    1. What? A perfectly reasonable comment? I have a fair number of inexpensive vintage synths but I kind of hit my limit because a bunch of them are salvage if a key component fails. To spend $6K+ or whatever on one synth seems crazy, so as Zaphod says Arturia’s plug-ins are great substitutes. There are plenty of sweet new hardware synths out there that are reasonably priced if you want a knobby experience.

        1. Andy, I work in the music electronics industry. Stealing our products has a big impact on relatively small companies (and we are all small companies).

          Much as I’d like a free coffee every morning, I don’t steal stuff from your employer.

    2. Couldn’t agree with that more. I told my friend yesterday “I am going to sound like a crying baby but that synth ought to be free for all current V7 users at least”. I have no doubt they’ll include it in the years ahead.

    1. GForce? As far as I know, Synapse Audio are currently finishing their version of Oberheim emulation.
      Are GForce working on the same, too?

    1. Today I installed both Obxv and Obxd. I am in total love with the free Obxd. It’s filter and resonance sound way better than Arturia’s obxv imo. Obxd has got that super oberheim sound that I’m looking for. Easy to program and quick to come up huge beast sounds. Takes my breathe away. Inspires me on so many levels. Now it’s my go-to synth to be used in multiple instances. Haven’t had that feeling from a lot of software synth in a long time. Hooaaah!

      1. If you go to “Explore Products” you can download the demo. If you own V Collection, it looks like to buy this synth it’s $49. Just go to the site, and log in and go through the normal buy process and you should get the special offer

      2. Go to software center – Explore Products – it should be there to install if you have a V7 license.

        UPDATE – It installed today, but now it says its a demo, but the Buy button doesn’t work. TO BE CONTINUED.

        Final: I was wrong – it’s $50 for V7 owners. Sorry gang!

      1. Yep – I just walked through my Arturia software center to the page. There’s a standalone buy option, and a special to get V collection 7 + OBxa for $250

  2. I agree. I have always wanted to pay a fair price for software but the V Collection has realigned the price i want to pay. i have a few soft synths, i am not crying out for more but i do look. i have the V Collection and this gives a good number of 80s poly synth emulations (I use the modelled electric piano a lot, the Wurli? and i wish they would do more like this as the controls let you put the sounds in all sorts of directions).

  3. I can’t believe Behringer hasn’t come up with a new product to have a million comments on Synthtopia. Just kidding, this look great and I hope it sounds great.

  4. I’ve played a couple of Oberheims & I’d say this is a typically creditable take from Arturia. Its far wiser than trying to buy the rare & decaying real thing. Its not a sound designer item, but its a damned good power poly for actual playing of the keys. I’ll have to dig into the details; the original had a few wish-list lacks. I’m enjoying their wavetable synth Pigments, but this one does have my attention. Even the early demos have the right Ober-grit.

      1. And guess what, it’s not a hardware rip off, it even offers different options, just like the other ones. And guess some more, check their actual hardware synths…

        And mind you, Arturia got their shit before when misbehaving as well. But hail the selective memory of the Behringer sweat shop fanboys.

  5. I own most of the hardware Oberheims including OBXa . Arturia does a pretty good job at first listen but could be better. The LFO speed for many of the presets seems too fast- maybe a glitch. It also sounds a bit too perfect. I’ll keep exploring the detune parameter. The one thing none of these emulations get quite right is the portamento. It is great having FX handy. I’ll do an A B comparison next. A great addition to the Arturia collection overall.

  6. Ooooh! this is exciting! I remember LUSTING for one of these when a friend had one back in the late 80’s .. early 90’s. I never could afford one! 🙁

  7. I just bought it. I remember the original well from years back. It’s an ok piece of software. The only thing to really dislike is the ongoing silly-not-at-all-usable patch names Arturia swear to. But since this is a very simple polysynth, it is actually faster to program your patch than trying to browse for a suitable one.

    And for the clone/emulation debate. Behringer doesn’t clone synths. They may have “cloned” the sound, but apart from their actual clones (the CEM chips) I have yet to see a real clone coming from that direction. Heck – even Moogs own reissue of the Minimoog was not a clone. With it’s extra LFO and MIDI…

  8. Wow! I have to come back .. and comment.. I downloaded it and played with the Demo… I was impressed by the sonic richness! The thing that has always appealed to me about Oberheim synths is how blessedly WARM they sounded to me .. Fat and rich and warm. I’m sure a AB comparison to the originals would differ, but I think Arturia gets close to the character!

  9. Got it. Great sounds. Never played the original. ( (I use the Arturia mini as a sort of preset for my Behringer Modal D). I know i is a bad person)). So if Arturia are true to form then there are another two emulations in production before Complete 8 arrives. Works fine with Mac OS 10.15 and Logic Pro x 10.5 on a 2012 Mac mini 16gb memory

  10. I got it last night I wonder if they will come out with more presets like the floyd package I really like it so far

  11. It’s a very musical synth. I guess I just like the Oberheim sound. The classic Tom Sawyer filter sweep just sounds so pretty compared to the same sound on a Prophet 5. I find the synth has just the right balance of power and simplicity. I find it very addictive and easy to get lost creating sounds.

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