Live Performance With ASM Hydrasynth & Moog Subharmonicon

Synthesist Jay Hosking shared this live synth, guitar vocal performance, featuring the Moog Subharmonicon and the ASM Hydrasynth.

Here’s what Hosking has to say about the performance technical details:

“At its heart is the Moog Subharmonicon and its polymeter melody; I love how the Electroharmonix Oceans 12 adds some weirdness to it, via two reverb algorithms (one in reverse), plus its “tide” parameter which adds a gentle LFO to the panning.

As before, two DFAMs do the job of drums, with one running on its standard clock (kick and snare) and the other following the Subharmonicon’s lead (hi-hats). At this point, I think it’s impossible for me to enjoy the DFAM fully without the Empress Multidrive on it; the Multidrive brings out the highs and lows and adds some beautiful saturation, all at the same time.

And then doing most of the heavy lifting is the ASM Hydrasynth. No matter how good the Hydra sounds (and it does sound great), the experience of playing the Hydra is its best feature. It’s hard to describe how responsive and expressive its polyaftertouch keybed is; suffice it to say that it shaped the chords, arrangement, and dynamics of the song. And with the Empress Reverb on it, it really steals the show.

Oh, and I added my voice again. Almost didn’t. And some acoustic guitar? I don’t know. It felt right.

Ashun Sound Machines Hydrasynth + Empress Reverb — Bass, pads
Moog Subharmonicon + Electroharmonix Oceans 12 — Polymeter melody
Moog DFAM + Empress Multidrive — Kick and snare
Moog DFAM + Empress Echosystem — Hats and bells
(Meris Polymoon does nothing in this one; it was just still set up from last time.)
Larrivee D-03 — Acoustic guitar

Performed and recorded live. Compression, delay, and reverb added to vocals and acoustic guitar during recording, and compression/limiting on the master.”

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