disting EX Generative Ambient Music

Expert Sleepers shared this generative ambient synth jam, created on a modular synthesizer and featuring their disting EX module.

Here’s what they have to say about the technical details:

“FH-2 clocks first disting EX, in dual ‘F-6 Quantized Random’ mode. Two pairs of CV/gate drive second disting EX in ‘SD Multisample’ mode.

No human interaction. No further audio processing.”

19 thoughts on “disting EX Generative Ambient Music

    1. Creating any kind of random and then choosing the best parts is the biggest trick in making music or doing anything 🙂
      Anyway, the “disting” is one of the most complex and fully featured modules ever created, This is just one of million things it can do so justification for existence isn’t really needed.

      1. First I was making a kind of funny observation
        But please reread what you actually wrote…

        “Creating any kind of random…” blah blah

        You are not creating the random. The module is. Stop deluding yourself.

        As for the following…
        “The biggest trick in making music or doing anything”

        lol wtf?!

        Seriously. Hmmm my biggest trick was practicing many hours a day,
        Taking lessons from various teachers.
        Playing gigs 4 nights a week while getting a degree with emphasis on
        Composition at University. Oh well different strokes I guess.

        1. Take it easy there, bub. Chance based music is a legitimate field of exploration. Given your experience in illustrious academic institutions, you should know that already.

  1. This demo is not doing the modules any justice. Although, my 96 year old nan might like it. The problem with the modular crowd is they seem to think you get extra kudos points for producing a piece of music in a complicated manner regardless of it being any good or not. If youre going to spend a small fortune on a modular rig, what is the point in producing stuff that can be done on a childs casio keyboard

    1. ‘Small fortune’?

      This is essentially done on two modules.

      I was looking at this as an exercise in seeing how much music you can get from a minimal patch – and thinking it’s pretty impressive.

      Would love to se the disting EX in MU format.

    2. I would usually agree with you but this demo is by the module creator showing one more thing it can do.
      I think he made like a 100 videos about it by now.

  2. On your first comment you tried to be funny
    On your second you tried to be right and a little pumped (no worries i don’t care)
    So after I randomly mumbled something without knowing the outcome I can choose to focus on your first comment only.
    Do you see how creative it is? and not a day in music schools 🙂

  3. Is a Disting basically like an Organelle or PiSound? Where you can program in PD or C++ to make your own effects and instruments?

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