Q163 Eurorack Adapter Puts 35HP Of Euro In 4U Of MU today introduced the Q163 Eurorack Adapter, which lets you mount 35HP of Eurorack modules in an MU system.

The Q163 Eurorack adapter module provides mounting space, power distribution, and a patch bay for using Eurorack modules in a 5U system.

The Q163 panel consumes four 5U spaces and provides an opening for 35HP of Eurorack modules. An array of slotted holes at the top and bottom provide mounting for modules of various widths and hole spacings. Thirteen patch points convert Eurorack’s 3.5mm connectors to the 1/4″ standard used in 5U systems.

Eurorack +12 and -12 volt power rails are generated from the 5U system’s +/-15 volt rails. The 5 volt power rail is also included. Seven Eurorack power headers are available for module power and LED’s show the Eurorack power state.

Three blank panels (4HP, 6HP and 10HP) and mounting screws are included.

Pricing and Availability

The Q163 Eurorack Adapter is available now, with an intro price of $188 (normally $208).

3 thoughts on “ Q163 Eurorack Adapter Puts 35HP Of Euro In 4U Of MU

  1. Why do you cover so much MU format synth news? It’s a very little used format, and you post about what seems like every module release! You only cover a fraction of eurorack module releases by comparison. Just seems a weird balance.

    1. We try to cover the most noteworthy new gear, on any platform that we think is relevant to a large number of readers.

      MU is a very healthy platform. There are more options in the MU space than any time in history. There are more modules, as you note, in Euro format, so an adapter like this will be of interest to people with MU systems.

      In the Euro space, there are obviously many more module introductions. But manufacturers rounding out their line with standard VCO/VCF/VCA/EG/LFO modules that are already easily available is less newsworthy than a company introducing a module that brings new capabilities to synthesists.

      If there’s something that you think is newsworthy to synthesists, or topics that you’d like to see covered, there is a Feedback link on the top of every page of this site.

  2. It’s about bloody time that somebody comes up with a simple solution for being able to mix 5U Eurorack modules in the same system. I could see a system 88 with one of the rows filled with these Euro adaptors mounted in it.

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