The Summer NAMM Show Is Coming To Nashville, July 15 – 17

After a year without face-to-face music industry trade shows, the National Association of Music Merchants (NAMM) has announced that summer edition of their show will be happening in person, in Nashville, July 15 – 17, 2021.

Organizers have outlined plans for exhibitors, and say that the event will feature “a curated collection of buyers, media and influencers and a platform to restart our market”.

To learn more about different booth options and other Summer NAMM exhibitor information, check out the details on the website. The “priority booth assignment” deadline is today, March 17.

If you’d like to attend Summer NAMM, sign up at at the NAMM site to be notified when registration opens.

9 thoughts on “The Summer NAMM Show Is Coming To Nashville, July 15 – 17

  1. Crossing fingers that this Summer NAMM happens! I believe safety comes first….and if it does get postponed then so be it! We’ll all have to dance in place! But….Crossing fingers that it does happen! I’ll attend if it happens!!

    Dr. Fauci warns state leaders against the “risky business” of eliminating public health measures, raising concerns that the nation could see a new surge in Covid-19 cases if it lets its guard down.

    Several states, including Texas, Mississippi, Iowa and Montana, have lifted mask mandates, while others have set upcoming expiration dates for mask order.

    I got covid from NAMM 2020, and NAMM you should be making mask now to encourage mask wearing!
    NAMM is being reckless buy trying to have in person session in a state where the Republicans do not believe in mask wearing and for supporting covid-19 racism!

    1. You don’t have to go if you are afraid. Stop making this political. The people have the freedom to not wear masks and to conduct themselves how they see fit. You nor any government has the right force people to wear something over their face if they don’t want to.

    2. @vjonelove: So you got Covid and survived? I don´t want to sound rude and I am certainly not making fun of you, but please know that my mom was not so lucky. She died before the so-called pandemic from hospital germs. No cameras, no Fauci, no … nothing! Just pure “back luck” as they have called it. Is anyone in favor of closing down all hospitals, because people get ill and die even with some of the most restrictive protections?
      If you could see the degeneration of old people in caring homes (of which I am talking to many), this whole thing is inhume to the bones. They are all going to die – not because of Covid, but because of adverse reactions to the vaccines (because some doctors don´t care about these patients having all kinds of other diseases) and they die because of loneliness, missing human contact etc. etc.
      Sadly, it is worth nothing pointing this out, because the people who are pro Covid simply don´t care.
      (in Germany there are reports of children having committed suicide … but hey, at least they did not die of Covid)

    3. Some of us have decided we’d like to live our lives too and and not be dictated to. If it is unsafe, stay home. but don’t try to decide for us. Fauci also deliberately lied to the public on the efficacy of N95 masks – while well-intentioned, it was dishonest. He won’t dictating anything related to my life going forward. Certainly nothing related to music. All the people demanding everyone lockdown, with no end in sight, never lost a paycheck methinks.

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