Roland Aerophone Pro v2.0 Adds New Finngerings, Sounds & Expressive Options

Roland has released Aerophone Pro v2.0, a major firmware update that adds new fingerings, sounds and motion control.

Here’s what’s new in Aerophone Pro v2.0:

  • Additional Functions
    • Roland Cloud content is supported.
    • Motion sensor support has been added.
    • The built-in display now has multilingual support (English, Japanese, and Chinese).
    • New fingerings have been added (clarinet and flute).
    • An X-Fade function has been added.
  • Functionality Improvements
    • A Thumb Pad Off function has been added.
    • New tones have been added.

The free update is available now at the Roland site.

6 thoughts on “Roland Aerophone Pro v2.0 Adds New Finngerings, Sounds & Expressive Options

  1. This thing is amazing. I wonder why we don’t see more of them in the field. I know its a specialty item in a sense, but there are plenty of guitar or percussion-focused players who find their synth. This one can use the Roland Cloud, so its range is now uniquely huge among woodwind controllers. You can experiment your @$$ off with that as your paint.

    One thing I would like to know is how you keep its spit valve from turning into a swamp. If that goes all green inside, will it hurt the electronics? Gross, man. I know that’s nasty, but its a fair question!:P

  2. New Finngerings? Sounds Swede! Norway I would miss this update. Russian to download it now! Don’t correct the headline; it would ruin my terrible joke.

  3. I’ve often wondered: could I play a device like this as an ‘abstract’ MIDI controller? Or is the wind instrument paradigm so strongly a part of it that it’s not worthwhile? Has anyone tried such a thing?

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