Sounds Of The Sequential Prophet Rev2 By Jexus

Synthesist and sound designer Jexus shared this no-talking video demo of custom sounds for the Sequential Rev2 synthesizer.

Here’s what Jexus shared about the technical details:

“I did not use any external FX in the demo; all the delays, reverbs and other effects are part of the REV-2 engine & mod matrix. I recorded my demo straight through an audio card.”

The Jexus sound library of 128 patches for the Sequential Rev2 is available now for 26 Euro.

3 thoughts on “Sounds Of The Sequential Prophet Rev2 By Jexus

  1. The 16-voice Rev2 is well worth the money – lots of additional sonic potential from being able to stack 4 oscillators and 2 filters per voice. Well built, good sounding DCOs that play in tune reliably (unlike the KORG Prologue). Sold mine a while ago though, would have liked more wave shapes and better effects (Hydrasynth reverb for example, or a shimmer reverb).

    1. The Korg Prologue is definitely not the synth to get if you want DCO sound – but it definitely can play in tune. The tuning is spot on now and gives you the pros of vintage analog synths without a lot of the cons.

      If you want tuning to be dead-nuts on like a DCO or digital synth, you can just use oscillator 3, which is digital, as the fundamental of the patch. And if you want to emphasize the analogness, do the opposite and use oscillator 1/2 as the fundamental.

      As a Prologue owner, I love that it gives you the best of both worlds.

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