Synthetic Sound Labs 1651 MINI Sequencer II Now Available, Here’s What’s New

Synthetic Sound Labs designer & founder Doug Slocum let us know that they’ve released a new 2 MU width 1651 Mini Sequencer II module – an updated version of their 1650 Sequencer.

The module is a Moog format sequencer that’s designed to offer a more compact alternative to traditional knob-per-note analog sequencers. It trades the immediacy of traditional step sequencer for the power of digital sequencing, letting you save and recall sequences and songs and offering features like built-in quantizing and ratcheting that would require multiple modules with traditional analog sequencers.

Here’s what’s new in the 1651 Mini Sequencer II:

  • 7 sequence memories
  • 5 song memories (string sequences together)
  • SLUR- change pitch between steps without firing gate
  • Variable gate timing (including ratcheting)
  • ACC can be set to drop or not drop between steps, or follow gate timing for that step
  • Auto-advance step when programming
  • Live transpose (use the keyboard to shift entire sequence up or down while running)
  • Live edit (buttons you push while running get saved to the sequence)
  • 1X mode (disable to use XP IN as a reset without requiring an external gate mixer)
  • Clock out (use ACC out jack to output clock if using internal clock)

The 1651 provides standard CV and gate outputs, plus an ACC gate output out (Accent? Accessory?)  The ACC output can be used to open up a filter, enable a glide, trigger a drum, and more.

It provides an internal clock, but you can also connect an external clock for greater control of tempo or syncing with other devices.

The module can store up to 5 songs of 16 sequences each, and 7 sequences of up to 16 steps each.


  • CV OUT covers 5 octaves
  • Sequences can be set to any length up to 16 steps by using LOOP feature
  • Setting a step to REST holds previous pitch and doesn’t fire PULSE out
  • Setting a step to SLUR changes to the new CV and doesn’t fire the PULSE out
  • In Standby mode, sequencer can be used as a tiny keyboard without altering programmed sequences
  • 7 sequence memories with up to 16 steps per sequence.
  • 5 song memories string up to 16 sequences together
  • Live transpose

Pricing and Availability

The 1651 Mini Sequencer II is available now via the SSL’s website and its partners for $325 USD.

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